The Media Response to the Waukesha Massacre Is True 'Enemy of the People' Stuff

Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via AP, Pool

If you were just waking up today flipping on the Sunday morning shows, having not checked the news since last weekend, you would have no idea that just days ago, a man rammed his car into a parade of people in Waukesha, WI. You also wouldn’t know that six people are dead and over 60 more are wounded, including children fighting for their lives. Likewise, you wouldn’t know that the assailant was out on a $1,000 bond for previously running someone over, had black supremacist postings, and that authorities have announced it was an intentional act.


You wouldn’t know any of that because the mainstream media have already dropped the story.

Unlike the Kyle Rittenhouse case, which spawned months of breathless coverage, including false accusations of “white supremacy” from top news outlets, the media have no interest in finding a motive here. They don’t want to hold countless panel discussions on the finer points of the Waukesha killer’s Facebook posts. They don’t care to speculate on his black supremacist calls for revolution. His rantings about murdering white people don’t even register.

We are expected to believe that Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions, which were a clear case of self-defense against three other white people, are more important and more worthy of discussion than the radical views of Darrell Brooks, who murdered six people with his SUV.


If that doesn’t add up to you, that’s because it doesn’t add up to anyone. We live in this very odd space where the mainstream media feel the need to obfuscate from killers who are black because they feel it will somehow undermine their political narratives. That’s ludicrous and completely unnecessary. In fact, it actually does more harm, in the end, to pretend that a black mass murderer with openly racist views isn’t worthy of coverage, while a while teenager who just protected himself is.

All last week, when major news outlets were forced to make some mention of the tragedy, they still chose to abscond from the details they always provide in other cases. We got insane headlines that painted the SUV as the culprit, didn’t mention the murderer’s race, didn’t show his mugshot, and insinuated that the massacre was an accident.

Let me be clear, I’m not saying that being black (or white) predisposes you to commit certain crimes. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, the assailant’s race here may only be relevant insofar as he had racist views. Yet, when the media rush to scream “white supremacist” about Kyle Rittenhouse but can’t even be bothered to keep digging into openly racist views of Darrell Brooks, something is really wrong.


The families of the victims deserve answers. They don’t deserve for this entire ordeal to be memory-holed. Hopefully, law enforcement stop stonewalling and release some information soon, but it’s the press’ job to investigate. That they are refusing to do so in order to demand answers is true “enemy of the people” stuff.


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