Senior Moments and Awkwardness Galore From Joe Biden at White House Event

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Lately, I’ve tried my best to steer away from writing too much about Joe Biden’s mental breaks. That’s not because I don’t think he’s senile or that such a fact isn’t newsworthy. On the contrary, I think the guy’s mind is baked, but at some point, I feel like I’m just telling you the sky is blue.


But some days, he just trips over himself so many times in a single event that it can’t be ignored. Thursday was one of those days, with Joe and Jill Biden welcoming the wife of Mexico’s president to the White House to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. From there, the US president delivered an onslaught of senior moments in the span of just a few minutes.

To start, he apparently didn’t know that the woman he was hosting was not actually the President of Mexico. And no, this was not him trying to be funny, as evidenced by how serious he is and the lack of laughter. He legitimately didn’t realize.

Maybe my standards are too high, but I’d think the President of the United States should be mentally capable enough to distinguish between a head of state and their wife. But here we are, with Biden once again mixing up names and titles, something he’s been doing going back to his 2020 campaign. If it reminds you of your grandpa who lives in a nursing home, that’s because it’s exactly like that.

Another uncomfortable scene involved Biden not being able to recognize his granddaughter, despite the fact she was standing right in front of him. Jill Biden had to step in to help him out on this one, another common occurrence.


On a somewhat related note, Naomi is the same granddaughter to who Hunter Biden sent an email to complain that he was having to give half his corruptly-gained income to Joe Biden. Regardless, the president has forgotten how many grandchildren he has multiple times over the last two years, so it’s not surprising he’d have trouble recognizing them. I’m sure some “fact-checker” will respond to this by claiming it was just an honest mistake, but if even Jill Biden is pointing out that he should have seen her, something is wrong.

And what Biden event would be complete without his brain just fully breaking at least once? Here he is trying to make a point about children who speak Spanish.

First, I’ll just point out that on the merits, he’s just wrong. The latest numbers I could find say that bilingual children make up 22.6 percent of students, but that includes all other languages aside from English, not just Spanish. Given that, the real percentage of Spanish-speaking kids is probably somewhere in the teens. A high amount, no doubt, but not “25 out of every 100 children” as the president claims.

Moving on, though, I have no idea what he’s trying to say at the end of the clip. He’s going to “conquer and honor and lift up” those who “have gotten in the way”? Aren’t those things contradictory? And who has gotten in the way of children speaking Spanish? I ask that rhetorically because we all know there’s no real answer here. It’s just Biden being Biden.


Lastly, Biden made a joke about sleeping with a teacher.

Yeah, so that’s uncomfortable to watch. He’s used that joke a few times before, and it’s never landed well. But like his anti-gun laugher about deer wearing Kevlar vests, he just can’t let go of the greatest hits. Our president is not all there. That these instances have become so common for Biden doesn’t make it any less disturbing.



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