Joe Biden Has a Senile Moment and Makes a Promise Sure to Tick Americans Off

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Joe Biden truly lives in a different world. As RedState reported earlier today, the president’s approval numbers have cratered, with him reaching an all-time low in FiveThirtyEight’s polling average. So has he learned anything? Is he changing course? Nah, of course not.


His inability to adapt was illustrated perfectly during a speech he gave today which had some mock-worthy moments but also included a promise that is sure to tick off a lot of Americans.

We’ll just start with the senility first before we get to the more serious stuff.

I can run the numbers again, but I’m pretty sure Biden didn’t ride the train every day for 36 years while serving eight years as vice president. That just makes no sense at all, but even assuming he misspoke and meant his Senate career, he also didn’t Amtrak every day for 36 years in that case either. Biden, like always, is the guy who just says stuff. He’s always exaggerating and trying to put himself at the center of whatever story he’s telling, whether it’s riding trains or having an altercation with a mythical man named Corn Pop.

There’s something very narcissistic about the general way in which Biden speaks. There’s also something narcissistic about how he conducts policy. Biden loves trains, or at least that’s what he claimed in this speech. So what’s he want to do? Make everyone ride trains and take your car away. Because who cares what you want, right?


Let me make this simple. I do not want to ride a train. Having lived in Washington, D.C. for some years, no part of me wants to be anywhere near a metro or train system again. It’s time-consuming, expensive, inconvenient, and uncomfortable. It’s also really limiting. You can’t take a train to your friend’s driveway or to the store. Instead, you have to take a train, then take a bus, and then walk to get to your final destination. There’s a reason cars were invented in the first place.

This absolute obsession with 1800s era technology makes no sense. There is not a shortage of oil outside of what’s caused by the government. Further, the numbers show that cars and light-duty trucks actually make up less than a quarter of the country’s carbon emissions (if that’s a thing you are worried about). Plus, people just like their cars, and last I checked, we are still allowed to have things because we like them.


A president that actually cared about saving his administration would stop this nonsense and start speaking to issues that actually affect the lives of normal Americans. The vast majority of people are not sitting around the dinner table fretting about climate change and the need for more trains. They are worried about the economy, their children, and yes, they want to be able to drive their car when they want to. Is that really so much to ask?


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