Kamala Harris Goes Full Nails on a Chalkboard in Response to Abortion Ruling Leak

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The left is in full-blown meltdown mode over the probable overturning of Roe v. Wade, prompted by the leaking of a draft majority opinion from the Supreme Court that is likely to be the final decision. RedState has covered that issue extensively, chronicling some of the more over-the-top responses, including Elizabeth Warren’s public breakdown.


But leave it to Kamala Harris to put up the most cringe, least effective performance to date. She first took to social media to use rhetoric that sounded a whole lot like pushing for an insurrection. Now, she’s appeared in person, doing her best Greta Thunberg impression.

Behold, the world’s worst politician in all her ear-splitting glory.

The vice president apparently believes that shouting “how dare they” in her best angry voice is a persuasive argument. She even does the wild hand motions she’s made a staple of her public speaking, before devolving in her patented halting tone, which I guess is supposed to signal how serious she’s being. All the while, her voice screeches, mimicking nails on a chalkboard, as she attempts to appear forceful and in charge.

But since Harris brought up the topic of people daring to do things, how dare Democrats scramble children in the womb and suck them out with a vacuum line? How dare they pretend that convenience overrides a baby’s right to life? How dare they assert that there’s a Constitutional “right” to abortion — when there clearly isn’t? Harris can throw her hands up and put on her angry voice all she wants. The pro-life movement has the facts and human decency on its side. No amount of obfuscating from what abortion actually is will change that. Like those who once promoted slavery, today’s pro-abortion zealots will be looked at with disgust generations from now.


Regardless, I’m constantly amazed at how horrible Harris is at being a politician. Truly, it takes real skill to be this unlikable so consistently. Who is writing her material? Who thought this speech was going to do anything but play into the negative perceptions most Americans already hold of her? No one wants to be yelled at by the world’s most mechanical, fake elected official.

As to the abortion question in general, I remain disgusted by the performances put forth by Democrats on the subject, especially in light of how factually solid Alito’s draft decision is. Besides, how sick and twisted must one be to get so angry and self-righteous over fewer babies being terminated before birth? Of all the things to freak out over, this is what the left chooses? There’s something pathological about Harris and the like, and the emotionally instability is off the charts.


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