WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Has Hysterical Breakdown Over Roe v. Wade Leak

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It’s hard to believe at this point, but there was a time when Sen. Elizabeth Warren wasn’t absolutely insane. In fact, she once wrote a book promoting the idea of mothers staying home to care for their children. That time is not now, though, and the far-left liberal is reacting to the leaked draft overturning Roe v. Wade exactly as you’d expect.


When the news initially broke on Monday evening, Warren took to social media to proclaim “we’re not going back.”

Ghoulishly, the “going back” she references there simply entails returning the policies of abortion back to the voters in each individual state. That might result in fewer babies being killed, though, and Warren just can’t have that.

And what is Warren’s chief worry? That too many minority children might be born.

It’s hard to express how gross it is to proclaim that it’s a problem for “women of color” to no longer kill their babies at alarming rates. There’s a reason the black population in the United States has basically been stagnant for years. It’s because Democrat policies have essentially resulted in the genocide of black children on a scale hardly imaginable.


But Warren is all about that. In fact, she’s really angry about the prospect of more kids being protected in the womb, and that led to a hysterical breakdown on camera on Tuesday.

If you watch the video, what you’ll see is Warren stumbling, being held up by presumably one of her aides. She then launches into a wild rant about having a “right” to abortion, claiming that Republicans have been plotting for decades to overturn Roe v. Wade.

On that point, she’s correct because Roe (and Casey) was an absolutely garbage decision that invented a right to kill babies in the womb out of thin air. It never made any legal sense and handed undelegated power to the judiciary to regulate abortion. So yeah, Republicans have been plotting to get rid of it for decades. Warren is quite the detective, figuring that one out.

Warren goes on to claim that “69%” of Americans support abortion. That’s a highly misleading claim that ignores that a vast majority want abortion illegal after the first trimester. Guess what has to happen for that to become law in any state? Answer: Roe has to be overturned. The rest is just confusion on the part of many regarding what Roe actually does. Warren holds, by far, the minority position on abortion in the United States, and it’s not particularly close.


At the end of the video, a pro-life protester begins to interrupt Warren, saying she wants to dismember babies in the womb. Fact-check: True.

These radical Democrats can’t run from what they support, and frankly, their anger energizes me and many others on the right. This is the fight we’ve been wanting to have, and watching these lunatics fully expose themselves and their disgusting views is a joy to behold. Like those who once supported slavery and argued that Plessy was “settled law,” Democrats have no real argument. Let’s get this stuff all out in the open and go from there.


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