Biden and Dems Proved What Hypocrites They Are on Social Distancing Once His Speech Was Over

Jim Watson/Pool via AP

Normally, during an address to Congress like Joe Biden delivered last night, the Congress would be packed, every member there, plus invited guests who perhaps exemplified some of the points being made in the address.


All that was missing last night, with only 200 people being allowed in the chamber, allegedly because of social distancing.

Here’s what it looked like:

That’s a pretty sad visual.

As I observed last night in our live blog, “Looking at the audience, it’s much like one of Joe’s rallies: no one there.”

In this case, Biden was shooting himself in his own foot acting in a way that wasn’t even in accordance with CDC guidance, taking all the excitement out of the event. They don’t seem to be even listening to the guidance of their own officials. No wonder people like Sen. Ted Cruz dozed off, any reasonable person would at the snoozefest. This also might be part of the reason that he ranked behind President Donald Trump in people who felt “very positive” about the address in a CNN poll, even with the people polled leaning Democrat. Of course, that might also be explained by Biden’s horrible policies.

As conservative columnist for the Washington Post, Marc Thiessen, observed, everyone who would have been there is vaccinated so it didn’t make a lot of sense.


What kind of message was Biden trying to send with all that? The message he’s sending is a bad one, that vaccination doesn’t move the needle and/or he just wants to virtue signal. Looking pretty anti-science there. He keeps sending these mixed messages like this.

But then after all that, guess what they did once the official speech was over? They all immediately congregated together, with Biden fist-bumping and elbow-bumping people.

What the heck happened to the social distancing? I’m confused, now. It seems that was all just for the cameras.

Screaming hypocrisy there, which indicates the rest was all just theater and about trying to justify their bills for enormous spending and control.

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