Chuck Schumer's Desperation Sets in, as He Continues to Try to Rig the 2022 Election

If you’ve been paying attention to mainstream news sources lately, you’ve probably noticed that the talking points have gone out. Numerous think-pieces about the 2022 election representing a threat to our “democracy” have been published, and no doubt, there will be more to come.


For clarity, the assertion is basically this: If November’s mid-term vote goes ahead as traditionally constituted, without allowing Democrats to take over the election via the federal government, then Republicans will win and our “democracy” will be over.

Yes, Democrats are now defining the very existence of our system of governance by whether they win or lose a mid-term. I’m struggling to think of anything more authoritarian than that, at least in a domestic sense. Yet, they continue to spin the laughable, Orwellian idea that they are actually supporting voting rights with their push to destroy the nation’s voting processes.

For his part, Chuck Schumer is growing more desperate to get it done. He appeared in an interview on MSNBC where he encouraged other senators to put “pressure” on Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. During his comments, Schumer also admitted that he’s trying to rig the 2022 election.


Imagine if Republicans were trying to pass a federal takeover of the nation’s election systems, and Mitch McConnell then admitted on Fox News that they are doing so because Republicans will otherwise lose their seats. That’s what Schumer says here: That Democrats can not win in 2022 under the current, long-standing voting procedures — so, they must be changed.

That’s absolutely insane and tyrannical, and if a GOP Senate were trying to do this, it’d be described as an insurrection. And honestly, that would be a fair description. Democrats literally want to change the rules of voting because they otherwise think they can’t win under the current ones. That is, by the very definition of the word, rigging an election.

Democrats respond to those criticisms by insisting that all they want to do is allow more people to vote. But everyone who should be able to vote can vote (leftwing arguments about felons and 16-year-olds aside). Democrats don’t need to pass “voting rights” because they already exist, and they know it. Rather, what they are attempting to do is set up a federally mandated system that can be manipulated for partisan gain such as the one in California.

Democrats want to outlaw voter ID, helicopter in unrequested absentee ballots, and then pay political operators to harvest them. That is not only a system ripe for fraud, it’s also antithetical to the nation’s tradition of the secret ballot. No one should be going to someone’s door and pressuring them to hand over their ballot. If someone wants to go to the polls, that should be their choice and their choice alone.


Does anyone who’s not a hardcore leftwing hysteric really want a system where a candidate can essentially buy an election by hiring the most ballot harvesters? That would be incredibly corrupt and forever kill what little credibility our elections have left. Never mind the provisions in the Democrat bill that would waste taxpayer money on federally funded campaigns, not require any proof of citizenship when registering to vote, disallow accurate management of voting rolls (i.e. when someone moves, they are removed), and give Congress control of the redistricting process.

For the moment, though, it doesn’t appear Schumer has the votes, and I’m highly skeptical that Manchin and Sinema are going to move an inch. They haven’t responded well to public pressure in the past, and they will likely be driven into further opposition if their own colleagues continue to attack them.

Yet, it is extremely terrifying that the entire voting system is being held together by a thread right now. Where is the valiant media to oppose such a crushing of norms and traditions to literally rig an election? Instead, they are supporting the ploy, claiming that Republicans who simply want to win under the rules that have existed for centuries are the threat. It’s alter-reality stuff, and it shows just how close the nation is to descending into total collapse.


Exit question: I understand there’s an apprehension to ever talk about things like a mutually agreed to national divorce among most on the right, and I’m skeptical how such would ever work. Yet, if Democrats actually complete this tyrannical takeover of our voting processes with the express intent to ensure they win an election, would that be crossing a line into quasi-dictatorship that can’t be ignored?


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