Leaked Snippet of Kamala Harris Interview Paints a Bleak Picture of Her Judgment

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

After spending much of Biden’s term in relative hiding, Kamala Harris has made a lot of news lately. Unfortunately for her, none of it has been good.

From blowing up on podcast hosts to claims that racism and sexism are driving her approval down, it’s been one conflict after another for the vice president. And to put it mildly, she’s handled none of it well. That’s probably why she’s doing an interview on CBS News this Sunday. When nothing else is working, get out in front of the bad news, I suppose.


And while most of the interview is under embargo for several more days, we are getting some leaked snippets. In one, Harris is asked what she feels like the top national security issue is for the United States. Her answer paints a bleak picture of her judgment.

Personally, I find this idea of our “democracy” being in grave danger from domestic threats to not only be dumb, but dangerous. When a government begins to spin a narrative that it must be given more power to target its own citizens under the guise of “protecting” itself, that never leads anywhere good.

That concern happens to be absolute nonsense as well. January 6th was a blip on the radar that faded as quickly as it started. It did not and does not represent some ever-present danger lurking to bring down our “democracy” (besides, we are a republic, but I digress). Democrats are being nakedly political when they continue to make it seem as if our system of government is teetering on the edge, only savable by legislating a massive federal takeover of elections.


Past that, Harris’ answer shows the distinct idiocy with which she so routinely operates. Contrary to what she says, the United States actually does face many national security threats outside our own borders, with China representing the top of the heap. That communist nation continues to encroach on freedom around the globe, but militarily and via predatory loan schemes where they essentially subjugate poor countries in places like Africa and South America. For a vice president to not list China when asked a question about national security threats is a dereliction of duty at this point.

But perhaps she simply has no idea what she’s talking about? Notice that she once again uses the excuse that she can’t discuss national security issues because they are “classified.” Now, I’m not that old, but I’m old enough to remember past vice presidents having no issue discussing foreign policy with the press. When Harris is asked questions in that realm, though, she continually claims she doesn’t have the legal power to talk about it. That’s a garbage excuse and points to fact that she’s unprepared to discuss such serious issues.


In short, the empress has no clothes.



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