Kamala Harris' Answer on Who's to Blame for COVID-19 Is as Cynical as It Is Wrong

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Kamala Harris is not good at her job. That much has been clear since the moment she assumed it, having been plucked off the ash-heap of the 2020 presidential race. Though, since she didn’t even make it to the year 2020 before ending her campaign, that’s probably not the most accurate description.


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Regardless, Harris’ inauthentic nature, ill-timed cackle, and her ability to seemingly always have the wrong answer have become legendary. She makes Hillary Clinton look charismatic, and that’s saying something.

So when the vice president was asked where the blame lies for COVID-19, she, of course, managed to give an answer that is as cynical as it is wrong.

Let’s start with cynicism by recalling that Biden and Harris have had no problem laying the blame for COVID-19 at the feet of Donald Trump, the unvaccinated, and Republican governors in the past. Heck, it was one of the main pushes of their campaign. At one point, Biden went so far as to suggest that Trump was directly responsible for the then 220,000 people who had died.

But things have changed. More people have died under the current administration than the last administration. And while Trump faced an unknown virus that lacked vaccines and treatments, Biden and Harris were handed a far more favorable situation with far more resources and knowledge. Still, they’ve managed to bungle the response at every turn, latching onto pointless measures more meant to provide political cover than actually accomplish anything.


Putting all that together, you get a situation where Harris and the administration at large simply can’t continue to abscond from blame, thus, they are now proclaiming that no one is to blame. Very convenient, right?

Of course, then there’s the fact that she’s just wrong. Putting aside all the domestic battles going on within the United States political arena, there is absolutely an entity that is largely to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic. That would be the country of China, the communist-run state that is still covering up the origins of the virus and whose early actions and obfuscations ensured that it would eventually spread throughout the world.

A presidential administration with any guts would have no problem stating that plainly. Unfortunately, we are stuck with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, two of the most cowardly politicians to grace the Washington stage. Instead of taking responsibility for their own failures, they change the standard they held others to in hopes no one will notice. And instead of speaking forcefully against the United States’ most dangerous geopolitical foe, they pretend as if China is the equivalent of Belgium.


All the while, their approval ratings continue to bottom out. So while they can fool a compliant press, they can’t fool most Americans.


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