Joe Biden Entered the Bubble Last Night and Perfectly Illustrated the Two Americas

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

What could possibly be behind the exodus of working-class voters from the Democrat Party? Last night offered a big clue as Joe and Jill Biden entered the bubble that is the Kennedy Center. If you aren’t otherwise familiar with the storied performance hall in Washington, DC, you may recall that it received millions upon millions of dollars in COVID “relief” while your local businesses and attractions went bankrupt last year.


The Bidens received a standing ovation during the event as David Letterman snarked about the presidential box being filled again, a clear shot at Donald Trump’s prior absence. In doing so, the two Americas were perfectly illustrated.

The fact that Weija Jiang, a CBS News reporter who often claimed racism during the Trump administration, was apparently there only further underscores how incestuous the beltway is. The politicians get standing ovations at buildings paid for by taxpayers and the press fawn over them as if they are covering royalty. Meanwhile, normal people are out on a Sunday evening paying $3.50 a gallon for gas so they can go to work the next day.

By the way, Jiang still hasn’t told us who supposedly used the phrase “Kung flu” to her face at the Trump White House. Weird that even after he left office, she’s never revealed who was behind that horror, right? But I digress.


Last night’s spectacle wasn’t just a president being lauded. Rather, it was a stark representation of the biggest dividing line in this country. There are wealthy, wine-sipping liberals who are convinced they are the saviors of society and then there’s everyone else who has to fund their boondoggles. And why wouldn’t they cheer for the guy who is working to give all of them a massive tax cut on the backs of working Americans? That family in Indiana forced to fund a lavish event they aren’t invited to doesn’t matter a lick to these people.

The elites have theirs and they have no plans to allow you to join them. That’s why so many working-class Americans have bolted the Democrat Party. They see the hypocrisy here (remember, these are the same elites that lost their minds over Trump playing golf during the pandemic), and it’s not just the excess on display that’s the problem. People can usually accept the fact that some have more than others. But the in-your-face nature of a bunch of triple vaxxed oligarchs clapping like seals for a president who is presiding over massive inflation and more COVID deaths than the last guy is impossible to ignore.


And it won’t be ignored. Biden’s approval ratings continue to be in the toilet because while he’s cosplaying as a mix of FDR and King George, the rest of America is hurting. They are seeing their savings devalued and their retirement drop while simultaneously struggling under the weight of the constant culture wars started by the left. They are sick and tired, but they also have a vote, and 2022 cometh. So Biden and the rest of the Democrats who were there last night should enjoy the party while it lasts.



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