Journalist Who Made 'Kung Flu' Claim Finds Something New to Be Triggered Over

President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Briefing Room, Monday, March 23, 2020, in Washington, as Attorney General William Barr and Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus response coordinator, listen. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Last week, a CBS News “journalist” named Weijia Jiang set off a firestorm by claiming that White House official had said ‘Kung Flu’ to her face. Who that official supposedly is, no one knows because she’s conveniently decided not to name the supposed person who did it.

The rest of the mainstream media rallied around her specious allegation, turning Trump’s daily pressers on vital information into woke Olympics about what words are used to describe the disease. A week later, not a single other “journalist” has managed to identify the person Jiang cites. The most likely explanation at this point is that she made it up.

Well, if you needed further proof that Jiang is walking around with a massive, partisan chip on her shoulder, so large that she’d likely lie to push her narrative, here you go.


Yes, an allegedly unbiased news person is being triggered over Trump using the pronoun “they” to say we need to protect Asian Americans. Welcome to 2020 in all its glory.

We’ve entered an era of media malfeasance so stupid as to mimic parody. The President can’t even suggest we protect people without a media member flipping out over it. Perhaps Jiang should disconnect for a while. She’s clearly not in the right mental condition to be reporting on anything related to this pandemic right now.



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