NEW: Waukesha Massacre Suspect Darrell Brooks Finally Speaks

Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via AP, Pool

In an incredibly odd occurrence, Darrell Brooks, who is accused of intentionally ramming his SUV into a parade — killing at least six, and injuring dozens of others — gave an interview today. For the last 10 days since his arrest, we’ve heard nothing from Brooks and essentially nothing from law enforcement on why he did what he did.


Now, he’s complaining about being “demonized” and that his mother has not visited him. Fox News has the exclusive.

Darrell Brooks Jr. has spent the last 10 days locked up in a Wisconsin jail cell after allegedly mowing through the barricades and into revelers at the Waukesha Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring 62.

Now he feels “dehumanized,” he told Fox News Digital Wednesday in his first remarks to the media, seemingly surprised that he had visitors.

“I just feel like I’m being monster – demonized,” Brooks, 39, said during a brief video visit in Waukesha County Jail – a stone’s throw from where tragedy struck over a week earlier.

I don’t know what to make of this. Why would Brooks be allowed visitors in the first place? Much less two Fox News reporters? Regardless, the last thing Brooks needs to concern himself with is what people are saying about him. He’s got far worse problems, namely the six murder charges he faces for the horrific act he committed. The article makes no note of him showing any remorse.

As to why he did what he did, Brooks gave no clues to the reporters. That may tell us something, though. If this wasn’t an intentional act (prosecutors have already said it was), you would think he’d be proclaiming his innocence. That he didn’t when asked speaks volumes. Clearly, as has been previously indicated, this was no accident.

So what was the motive? Until I’m introduced to an alternate theory that makes some semblance of sense, I continue to think you can’t just ignore his radical, racist statements on social media. No one runs into a parade of elderly women and children without a reason, and Brooks had one, even if he’s not saying what it is yet.


The rest of the Fox News write-up was light on details. It appears that the interview was promptly cut short after Brooks began possibly crying, stood up, and was escorted back to his cell. Prior to that, he had noted that his mother had not visited him and that despite his vast criminal record (which includes child sex offenses and beating women), they were previously close. Fox News further described Brooks as soft-spoken and coherent during the interview.

Personally, I find this entire thing bizarre. How did they get to speak to him? Why is he still not stating a motive? Why are law enforcement officials not giving detailed updates after such a horrific crime? Something doesn’t feel right here. Hopefully, we can get more information soon because all this obfuscation is not helping anyone, much less the families of the victims.



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