WATCH: Chilling Doorbell Camera Footage Shows Where Darrell Brooks Went After Plowing Into Parade

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office via AP

The story of Darrell Brooks, who rammed his SUV into a parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, two days ago, killing at least five people and injuring dozens of others, is beginning to recede. The media simply don’t find the story that interesting because it checks none of their narrative boxes. Instead, they are falling back into breathless Kyle Rittenhouse “analysis,” seeking to stoke a racial narrative that simply doesn’t exist.


By contrast, Brooks was a career criminal who was inexplicably let out of jail on just $1,000 bond days earlier. That decision was made by the office of Milwaukee DA John Chisholm, a radical who is a fan of George Gascon and so-called “bail reform.” If the media continued to cover the story, they would be forced to highlight the deadly repercussions of one of the left’s chief policy goals, and we can’t have that, can we?

Still, there is a lot left to uncover, including why Brooks did what he did. Did his political views, which included black nationalism and the promotion of racism, play a role? Or was he simply suicidal after the prior altercation he had been in? Getting that answer may prove difficult if the past is prologue, but chilling new doorbell camera footage gives us a window into Brooks’ state of mind after he committed mass murder.

Before I get into the video, can I just point out how insane it is that NBC News is describing a mass murder that has also put nearly 20 children into the hospital, several with serious injuries, as an “accident?” We know this was an intentional act. The authorities have already confirmed that, yet these mainstream media outlets, so desperate to protect whatever narrative they think they are protecting, just can’t help themselves.


Regardless, technology is amazing, and it’s incredible how often something gets caught on video these days. What you see is Brooks approach the door and knock, lying about being homeless and claiming he’s waiting on an Uber. The presumed homeowner eventually steps outside, trying to make sense of the situation. Little did he know that he was face to face with a guy who had just run over elderly women and children, among others.

Eventually, the police arrive, where a tense situation unfolds. They demand he raise his hands, but he keeps one down. You can hear one officer saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” not knowing if Brooks is going for a weapon. In the end, he raises his other hand and is arrested.

The big thing that sticks out to me about the video is that Brooks does not seem to be out of his mind, as you’d expect if he were suicidal. He seems to be cognizant of what’s happening and speaks clearly. He also shows an intent to try to escape his situation. It’s incredibly fortunate that the person who answered the door was a large man, denying Brooks the chance to possibly force his way into the home.

Further, you see two other men standing in the driveway behind Brooks appear in the footage after the door is knocked on. Who are they? Were they random people who walked up? Initial reports said there were actually three suspects, but I believe the police are now saying Brooks acted alone. We need some kind of explanation of what we are seeing there. Conceivably, those could just be concerned neighbors.


And while not nearly the most important aspect of what’s on this video, I will note that Brooks was taken alive, even after he didn’t initially obey orders from police and they suspected he had a weapon. That’s a good thing for justice (him dying that day would have been the easy way out), but it also shows that police do, in fact, take non-white murder suspects alive.

For years, we’ve been fed the idea that Dylann Roof not being gunned down after he surrendered was proof of racism by many on the left. In reality, suspects of all races are taken alive for all manner of crimes every day. As a general rule, police do not simply shoot people who are not posing an imminent threat, no matter how heinous their prior crimes were.

But I digress — make of the tape what you will. It’s very disturbing to watch, given the reality of what had occurred just minutes prior. Hopefully, the authorities will be able to extract some kind of motive from Brooks to offer further details to the families. I couldn’t imagine losing a loved one to such a horrific crime and being deprived of the suspect’s reasoning. The mind wanders when trauma strikes, and I know people want and deserve answers.



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