Teeth Are Gnashed After Ron DeSantis Goes There on the Waukesha Massacre

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Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to lead while other Republicans cower in the corner. With the rise of the so-called “Omicron” variant of COVID (they skipped the Xi variant for obvious reasons), the Florida governor has chosen to double down on policies that actually make sense.


Lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates simply haven’t produced results in other parts of the country. Michigan, led by Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, serves as the latest example with the state now having the highest COVID case rate in the nation. In comparison, DeSantis has rightly decided that it’s better to follow actual data and real-world results than to abide by the gospel of Fauci.

Here he was yesterday reiterating that Florida isn’t playing that game.

But it was something else that DeSantis said that sent the media into fits of rage. While discussing the Waukesha massacre, which took the lives of at least six people with dozens more still fighting for their lives, he went there on the fact that the definition of “terrorist” has now suddenly been narrowed. He also noted that Darrell Brooks had clear “anti-white animus,” something that was revealed by the killer’s black supremacist rantings on social media, including calls to murder white people.


DeSantis wasn’t proclaiming a certain motive, noting that there still hasn’t been any official announcement, but rather, he was pointing out the hypocrisy we see in cases like this. As he notes, when it comes to parents at school board meetings, the NSBA, DOJ, and news media will rush to label them domestic terrorists. They’ll even use the counter-terrorism division to look into the matter. But a man with highly-charged, racist political views intentionally runs over old women and children, killing six as of this writing, and we can’t call it terrorism?

You’ve probably noticed by now that when a case doesn’t fit the left’s preferred narrative, another thing DeSantis pointed out, the definition of “terrorism” immediately becomes highly technical and restricted. By contrast, when the press is talking about Kyle Rittenhouse being acquitted, the definition is left broad, as illustrated by MSNBC’s coverage. But the moment it’s a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter, only out of jail because of so-called “bail reform” enacted by a radical prosecutor, then the standards change. Suddenly, the definition of terrorist becomes as narrow as a one-lane dirt road in rural Mississippi. It’s all very convenient, right?

Teeth were gnashed after DeSantis’ statement, with the Florida press rushing to condemn his remarks. In the end, they only proved his point.


Everyone can see clearly the game that is being played here. The question is whether Republicans will have the guts to call it out. DeSantis, as he’s done for years now, continues to show that he has the guts and ability to do so. The answer is not letting this stuff slide. Instead, you have to go right at those pushing left-wing narratives.

In this case, that means calling out the mainstream media hypocrisy to their faces. Make them own their inconsistency and the lack of credibility it produces. To do that takes a willingness to engage that far too many Republicans lack because they are scared of what others may say about them. DeSantis doesn’t have that issue, and it’s always a breath of fresh air to witness. In short, if your governor isn’t exhibiting that kind of leadership, it’s time to find a new governor.


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