Michigan Leads Nation in COVID Cases and Governor Lockdown Is All of a Sudden Missing

Michigan is in a crisis and it is one of biblical proportions, and our most noble leader seems to be missing. Actually, I’m not serious, we have seen COVID spikes before and we got through it but Governor Whitmer is missing this time and we need leadership. Maybe just not hers, though.


Did anyone check to see if she charted a private jet again to head to Florida like she did a couple of times last year? BREAKING: Complaint Filed Against Gretchen Whitmer Over Charter Jet Trip to Florida Last March.

The Great Lakes State is once again making some headlines because we have a spike in COVID and this has the media in the state heading for the hills in fear. Unlike last year, though, our part-time fearless Governor is not only NOT issuing orders to save the lives of the unwashed masses, she can’t be found anywhere to offer a meager comment.

From The Detroit News

Michigan again leads the country in new COVID-19 cases per population over the last seven days, according to tracking data Tuesday from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The state has reported a seven-day new case rate of 504 per 100,000 residents, the highest number nationally, the CDC found. Minnesota followed in second at 490. The figures are another setback in the state’s 20-month fight against the virus and came amid spikes in new infections that are testing the capacity of Michigan’s hospitals.

Michigan last led the nation in new cases per population in the spring during a surge that peaked in April. It remains unclear how long the latest surge will last and how it will affect health care workers who’ve been dealing with the pandemic since March 2020.


So where is Whitmer?

Last year at this time, she had “encouraged” the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to issue a mandate that restaurants had to close before a certain time and could only hold so many people. This year, with a potential larger spike in progress, she is currently in California on state business and potentially spreading COVID. Of course, she is “vaccinated” but we know how those breakthrough cases keep popping up.

Now, some on the left might say that her power to enforce ineffective COVID mandates was stripped away from her last year, but that is not the case as I point to above and touched on last year here at Red State. Michigan Legislature Eliminates Whitmer Emergency Power Law and She Can’t Veto

The law that she used was eliminated as it was a bit draconian and of course, she abused it, so it was axed by a citizen-led petition here in the state. However, she did use the MDHHS, as I mentioned above, to issue workplace orders, much like the Biden admin tried to do nationally to get around her loss of power. The state GOP threw a temper tantrum but never acted to curb that power by something as simple as cutting future funding to said department.

So, is the Governor going to use her special powers to SAVE LIVES this time by limiting how long a restaurant can stay open? We all know that COVID has a late-night curfew!!


Once again from the Det News…

Whitmer’s spokesman Bobby Leddy gave no indication this week that the governor’s administration will use its emergency powers to intervene.

“We continue to encourage Michiganders to get vaccinated as this is the best way to keep people safe and ensure that businesses and schools can safely operate,” Leddy said Monday about Whitmer’s response to the surging COVID-19 numbers.

“The vast majority of Michiganders have done the right thing to protect themselves and their families by getting vaccinated, wearing a mask in indoor gatherings, getting tested and quarantining after exposure, or staying home if feeling unwell.

“For those who aren’t vaccinated, it’s even more important to take these scientifically proven precautions to reduce the risk of catching the virus and minimize possible symptoms in the event of exposure. We all have the tools at our disposal to slow the spread and keep ourselves safe.”

Damn odd.

So why in hades would she not from her comfy office call up her director at MDHHS and make a suggestion that could save the whole state? Let me take a slightly not really large leap with this guess.

She is up for reelection in a mere 355 days and she just saw what happened out east a couple of weeks ago in New Jersey and Virginia. Those mandates saving the CHILDREN and SENIORS or any other group you can think of are not worth the headache until next November.


Just a hunch I have.

President Joe Biden was here in Michigan yesterday zipping around in an electric car and the Governor was on official business in another state. Governors of the same party almost NEVER miss an opportunity to hang with a POTUS while on their turf and she hopped a plane to get away from the mess that is Joe Biden and the traveling clown show that is his presidency.

Having watched politicians for 30 years cover their soon-to-be-on-ballot rear ends, I’m thinking this is more likely than not the reason why we are not even being threatened with a lockdown. Being locked down will make people less inclined to vote for you.

Odd how that works, isn’t it?


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