Kyle Rittenhouse Reveals All to Tucker Carlson, Addresses Joe Biden Directly

Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP

After being found not guilty on all counts last Friday, an announcement that Kyle Rittenhouse would sit down with Tucker Carlson to give an exclusive interview rocked the news world. Fox News had apparently been filming the teenager throughout the trial, and tonight, the exchange went live, with Rittenhouse revealing all the details of exactly what happened and where he stands.


One interesting aspect of the saga is just how close Rittenhouse came to being completely screwed over by Lin Wood. After the shootings initially happened, Wood quickly began fundraising off the event. That entire time, Rittenhouse was left rotting in jail.

Learning that Wood operated in such a way is not surprising, especially given the guy’s complete meltdown over the last year. There was a reason Rittenhouse dropped him and hired a real defense team, and that decision likely saved the teenager’s life.

Rittenhouse also expressed bewilderment at the idea that he’s a racist, noting that the case had absolutely nothing to do with race. That’s clear given the three men he shot were all white. In fact, the one black man who also attacked Rittenhouse was left unharmed. Despite that, you still have cable news hosts insisting he’s a “white supremacist” with no evidence whatsoever to back their claims.

In another eye-raising exchange, Rittenhouse said he supports the BLM movement, though, his explanation sounds more like he supports their right to protest, not necessarily their specific views.


Of course, the big question left unanswered is whether Rittenhouse will go on the offense in fighting those who defamed him, and in some cases, continue to defame him. Unsurprisingly, it appears that lawsuits are coming.

Is Joe Biden himself in the crosshairs? It certainly sounds like it. Rittenhouse described the president’s past actions, in which Rittenhouse was included in a video on white supremacy, as “defamation.” He also chastised Biden for not having any grasp of the facts, a reality made apparent by a statement the White House put out shortly after the verdict.


Yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that happening. Biden isn’t exactly one for facts and accuracy. If Rittenhouse really wants to teach the president a lesson, it’s going to come via a courtroom. But even if a civil suit against Biden isn’t in the cards, there are several hosts on MSNBC and CNN who should probably have their lawyers on speed-dial.

In the end, it sounds like Rittenhouse is ready to start a new life, and it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be one in the spotlight. That’s probably for the best. His legal team can handle the defamation suits while he takes time to cope with everything that’s happened. It’s truly unfortunate things ever got to this point, but this is what happens when state and local authorities feed into violent lawlessness. Hopefully, some lessons were learned.


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