Joe Biden and His Handlers Immediately Walk Back the President's Kyle Rittenhouse Comments

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

As RedState reported, the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial sent shockwaves through the country today. In the end, the teenager was found not guilty on all counts, having acted in self-defense when he killed two men and injured a third during the Kenosha riots.


Of course, the hysterical responses came in hot and heavy, with many on the left having an absolute meltdown. They truly wanted to see an innocent man thrown in prison for life in order to feed their racial narrative, which ironically doesn’t even apply to this case given it involved a white teenager shooting three white men that were attacking him.

But then, there was Joe Biden. In a surprising move, he actually hit the right notes initially, answering a question about the trial on the White House lawn this afternoon. Per an earlier RedState report, the president praised the jury, noting that he stood by their decision and that the system works.

For the record, when I heard his shockingly level-headed comments, this was my immediate reaction.


Well, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Within an hour, Joe Biden’s handlers in the White House released a far more pointed statement in which the president expressed anger and concern over the verdict. The statement then continued with a bunch of social justice buzzwords to further pacify his far-left base, many of which want blood, rhetorical or otherwise, in the aftermath of the verdict.

What exactly is Biden angry and concerned about? The evidence was clear that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. We had multiple videos of the incident within hours of the shootings occurring. And after a slog of a trial, where every rock was overturned, the jury came to the only logical conclusion: That Rittenhouse was not guilty of murder (or attempted murder).

Further, that outcome had nothing to do with “healing our country’s wounds.” What wounds is he even talking about in this case? Rittenhouse was a white guy who shot other white guys in self-defense. No social justice narrative applies in any context. This faux show of anger and care by Biden falls flat because it’s so absurd in its presentation. Do facts matter at all? Or does stoking racial divisions in the country always take priority?


Lastly, why is the White House even encouraging people to protest, peacefully or otherwise? There’s absolutely nothing to protest here, and a responsible president would pointedly say that. The evidence was on the side of the acquittal. Any demonstrations will just further inflame tensions fanned by falsehoods. Biden should be telling people to go home, not to take to the streets to express their unjustified anger and concern.

Honestly, this presidency is the most predictable in history. Any time Biden manages to say something halfway not insane, his far-left handlers immediately rush to reshape his position. It’s so obvious he is completely beholden to the radicals, and it’s a terrible thing for a nation that desires some semblance of normalcy.


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