The Media Freak Over 'Let's Go, Brandon' and Expose Themselves in the Process

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I regret to inform you that the mainstream media is really upset at the “vulgarity” being shown toward Joe Biden in public lately. That specifically entails the popularity of the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon,” a joke that originated after a sports reporter attempted to cover for an anti-Biden chant at a NASCAR race. If you haven’t seen that hilarious video, you can check it out by clicking here.


Now, The Washington Post has done a full report fretting about the phenomena and other insults being hurled at Biden.

To preface this, I’m not the type of person to yell vulgarities at a president or anyone else. So me writing this article is not a full-throated defense of those that chose to participate in such. I’m not a fan of it for largely religious reasons, and that’s my personal choice. Still, others certainly have a constitutional right to do so.

But I’m not here to argue what constitutes indecent behavior. Rather, the hypocrisy is the point, and the media are exposing theirs in a big way here. Were they not alive during the Donald Trump years? Because I seem to remember a distinct lack of outrage at the many horrible things said about the former president, his supporters, and Republicans in general.

Heck, the press lauded a woman who flipped off Trump’s motorcade so much that she eventually won a seat on her local county board. Further, anti-Trump protesters wore naked Trump costumes with tiny genitalia, burned him in effigy, and set up guillotines to mock execute the former president. Yelling “**** Trump” became a rallying cry on the left, from the most fringe to the mainstream. I won’t post pictorial evidence here, but I don’t think any fair-minded person would deny that stuff happened.


At no point do I recall the media ever complaining about the gross things said during the Trump years. Now, a non-vulgar saying goes viral and they are deeply concerned? Consider me extremely skeptical there’s any actual care about decorum here. Further, the two signs cited in the Post’s article also didn’t include vulgarities.

You can chalk this entire thing up to another partisan attempt to protect Biden. We all have memories long enough to know that they didn’t care one iota about vulgar protests — when it was the bad orange man in the crosshairs. The fact that they “care” now is nothing but political convenience, and no one is buying it.


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