WATCH: Man Attacked and Accused of Being 'White' in 'Multicultural Space'

Man harassed for being "white" at Arizona State University

The absurdity that transpires daily on college campuses around the nation would shock most people, and the introduction of racial politics into nearly everything has only made things worse. Another perfect example of that happened recently at Arizona State University.

Per a now-viral video, a student was attacked and accused of being “white” in a “multicultural space.” At another point, he’s accused of “violence” for having a sticker on his laptop that offers support to the police.

Here’s what that scene looked like.

The lunatics behind the camera start ranting about how “this is the violence” ASU perpetrates by…allowing white people to study in peace? Another man sitting at the table starts to joke around, asking how “whiteness is not a culture,” and that only sets the two women filming off further as they begin to shout that whiteness is not, in fact, a culture. Apparently, only non-white people can have cultures? It’s hard to keep track of all the social justice rules.

You then hear the filmers claim that this is “our” space as they continue their harassment. It just continues from there with accusations that the entire campus is “centered” around white people and that the man studying is invading the “one place” that is supposed to be theirs. Unsurprisingly, it ended with ranting about police supposedly murdering black people.

But in perhaps a sign that our society isn’t dead yet, people start to rebuke the two women filming. There’s also a Reddit thread involving ASU students who are speaking in support of the man who was harassed.

Here’s what the two female students look like, by the way.

What you witnessed in that video was mental illness. It is the result of a political and cultural environment that promotes irrationality in the name of victimhood. These two female students are attending a major university and benefiting from more privilege than most other people throughout the United States. They are not victims and it’s time to stop feeding into this lunacy.

Hopefully, ASU responds officially here and backs the man who was harassed. I doubt they will, though, because our universities are filled with cowards who continually bend the knee to intersectionalism. We’ll see, I guess.

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