Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Makes the Case for His Own Resignation

Joe Biden’s generals are up on Capitol Hill today defending their incompetent, politically driven decision-making that led to the collapse of Afghanistan. That collapse included the deaths of 13 Americans in a suicide bombing attack while we imported tens of thousands of “refugees” who weren’t qualified. In short, the entire thing was a massive catastrophe, led by people like Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley.


In fact, while speaking today, Austin didn’t even really hide the fact that the Afghanistan withdrawal and subsequent evacuation were a total cluster.

Austin is saying a lot more here than he probably realizes. As many have noted, the problem with the Pentagon class is not just that they bungled Afghanistan in August of 2021. Rather, it’s that they’ve been bungling Afghanistan, while getting rich in the process, for much of the last 20 years. When Austin points out that the Afghan army he trained simply melted away, the next question should be “whose fault is that?” The answer is that it’s Austin’s fault, among others.

Given that his incompetence helped directly lead to 13 dead Americans, plus a foreign policy disaster the likes of which we haven’t seen since Vietnam, wouldn’t the logical step be for Austin to…resign?


The fact that these generals are sitting before Congress, admitting they screwed up so badly, while insisting that they are still credible and worthy of keeping their jobs is obscene. I understand that politicians generally have no shame and never resign over policy failures anymore. But the military is supposed to be different. It’s supposed to be an institution where honor is valued and people take responsibility for their actions, and if they don’t, are held responsible by others. Instead, Austin appears to be nothing more than a standard Democrat with a uniform on.

Further, perhaps to put a fine point on how terrible he is at his job, Austin also admitted during his testimony that Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan.

It’s amazing to me that Americans being trapped behind enemy lines only elicits a quick soundbite at a Senate hearing. How is that not leading the national news until every single person is brought home? And Austin admits it with all the zeal of a shoulder shrug. If leaving Americans to possibly die at the hands of the Taliban is not resignation worthy, then what is?


Perhaps nothing is, and that’s truly a stain on our military’s previously storied history. Austin is a joke as Secretary of Defense who should be fired. He was also a joke as an active general. That these failures, more concerned with being woke than victorious, populate our armed forces is exactly why we are losing military readiness and credibility around the world.


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