Cruz Nails Biden for Interfering With Fox Coverage of Massive Illegal Alien Influx

Thousands of illegal aliens under the International Bridge in Del Rio, TX (Credit: Bill Melugin, Fox News)

Fox’s Bill Melugin has been reporting about the crisis at the border for months. We’ve shown you some of his incredible work before, with the CBP just opening the gates at different points and allowing people to walk in and onto buses to be processed.


Yesterday, he posted incredible pictures of the thousands of illegal aliens who crossed the border and were congregating under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas waiting to be processed by the CBP.

Melugin later posted there were actually 9,300 people under the bridge, that it has increased from 4,000 the day before.


Governor Greg Abbott then announced he was closing six points of entry at the request of the CBP because they could no longer control the situation. But then he announced that six hours later, the Biden Administration pulled that back and was going to let the border be overwhelmed, handling this as badly as the withdrawal in Afghanistan.

This, of course, was just part of the overall horrible picture at the border with illegal entry.

Now, obviously, this looks pretty bad for the Biden Administration in addition to all the damage and issues it’s creating. So what did they do in response? Did they try to cure it?

Of course not. Fox’s Bill Melugin reported that the FAA then suddenly wouldn’t allow Fox to fly their drones over the bridge for the next two weeks. So if you don’t like what the pictures are showing and you don’t want Americans to see them, you shut down the journalists reporting them, you don’t actually try to solve the problem.


Can we say Stalin yet? Remove the pictures you don’t like? “Special security reason” = it makes Biden look bad? Sorry, I don’t buy the excuse. Melugin said they had been covering the border for months and hadn’t had an issue with the drone before.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called out the madness on Hannity and he wasn’t buying the excuse either.


Cruz updated the numbers that Melugin had given earlier. It was 10,503 people last night.

The Biden people probably figured two weeks would be enough to kill the attention on the story.

Of course, Biden being Biden, this move is likely backfiring and bringing even more attention to the incredible pictures.


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