Huge State Department Announcement Shows Biden Lied and Sends the Afghanistan Situation Into Code-Red Territory

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Yesterday, Joe Biden took to the podium over an hour late to deliver a ten-minute speech on Afghanistan in which he obfuscated and misled regarding the situation on the ground. After, he took four pre-selected questions from far-left outlets and then turned his back on the world once again.


It wasn’t long before the breadth of the untruths he told became apparent, but now, a major State Department announcement has not only further shown Biden to be a liar but has escalated the situation in Afghanistan into code-red territory.

There is no chance that Biden wasn’t aware of these issues yesterday when he spoke. In fact, there had already been dozens of reports from the prior days of Americans being beaten by the Taliban and having their documentation stolen. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin admitted that less than an hour after Biden’s speech, calling it “unacceptable.” Yet, the president went out in front of the nation and lied to everyone about what was truly going on. That’s why only a “couple of hundred” Americans got on planes yesterday when a total of 6,000 people were evacuated.

But the situation has gotten so bad that the State Department isn’t even beating around the bush anymore. Prior, they hid behind weasel language, making it seem as if Americans just needed to trust the Taliban and head to the airport while noting they can’t guarantee safe passage. Now, they are pointedly telling Americans to essentially shelter in place and remain trapped because things are so dangerous and out of control.


This is a disaster of monumental proportions. If the over 10,000 Americans left behind can’t travel to the airport and US military forces can’t go retrieve them, things are at a stalemate. The only solution here is to tell the Taliban to vacate the city until the evacuation is complete or that we will start cracking heads. But that would require a president with a backbone willing to follow through on a threat. At this point, the Taliban would probably laugh in Biden’s face.

None of this had to happen. We could have left Afghanistan in an orderly fashion over the last three months when it became apparent that the Taliban were making gains in the outlying provinces. It’s possible we could have even made decisions that helped keep Kabul in control of the now-defunct Afghan government indefinitely. Instead, Biden sat on his hands, desperate to have a “mission accomplished” moment on 9/11. Now, Americans are stuck, the Taliban are running wild, and there’s clearly no plan to fix this situation.

So what happens next? I have no idea. It seems like we will have to send troops outside the wire at the airport at this point given Americans can’t transit anymore. That likely means someone is going to start shooting, and if Americans aren’t already dead in the chaos, some will be. What an absolute catastrophe and Joe Biden owns all of it.



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