Joe Biden's Next Move Is One of Pure Delusion and Desperation

As far as I can tell, Joe Biden finally arrived back at the White House yesterday evening after hiding out for the better part of the last two weeks. While I can only find a text pool report claiming he did and not an actual confirmation (i.e. photos of him getting off Marine One), it does appear his activities today are scheduled to be in the Oval Office and East Room.


What those activities are, though, will likely leave you gobsmacked. Is he going to do an emergency briefing and presser on the current disaster unfolding in Afghanistan?

Nah, he’s going to talk about COVID instead. Yes, while possibly over 10,000 Americans remain trapped on the ground in a hostile, foreign nation, the president is going to shoot the bull on the coronavirus again.

Imagine that you are an American citizen, having believed Biden’s lies just weeks ago that Kabul would remain safe, and that you are now desperately trying to get to the airport. You are surrounded by men with guns who you probably can’t communicate with and who may or may not have gotten the message that Americans are to be allowed safe passage. You bring up the slow-running 3G internet on your phone that Afghanistan’s cell towers provide to see what the administration is doing to help your situation, and what do you see?

That our buffoonish president has finally left Camp David…to talk about COVID again?

I’d be dumbfounded but also incredibly angry that the person who is ostensibly the President of the United States could be so incompetent and abandon his duties in such a blatant way. This is not the time to attack Ron DeSantis again or pretend that COVID isn’t obviously seasonal and largely out of our control. It’s not the time to obsess over ineffective mask mandates or try to shame people into getting vaccinated, a strategy that simply doesn’t work. Rather, this is the time to deal with the biggest foreign policy disaster of the last two decades that is still unfolding on the ground.


Biden’s move smacks of delusion and desperation. He wants so badly to change the subject, and he’s counting on a compliant media to allow him to do it. But for once, I don’t think they will let him. He’s going to get hammered if he comes out and just repeats the same lines about COVID we’ve heard hundreds of times at this point. Every question is going to be about Afghanistan and they should be.

This man is not capable of being president, and people seem to be waking up to that reality. It’s inexcusable that he even waited this long to return to the White House. It’s even worse now that he’s deflecting to COVID in some pathetic attempt to avoid responsibility for his disaster decision-making.


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