#WheresBiden Trends and Only One Logical Explanation Remains

The disaster in Afghanistan reached a new level today as the airport in Kabul turned into the location of one of the most chaotic scenes in modern history. The runways are overrun to the point where AH-64 Apache helicopters are being used to buzz them in order to try to clear a path. People are clinging to the landing gear of C-17s and falling to their deaths as they take off.


Here’s one stunning piece of video.

Meanwhile, #WheresBiden and #25thAmendment are trending because he’s quite literally disappeared over the last several days. After spending only one full day in Washington, DC last week, the president rushed off to Camp David on Friday (he was in Delaware, of course). Even as the situation worsens to the point of an international crisis in Afghanistan, Biden has not spoken publicly and remains hidden away.

And according to his handlers, he won’t be emerging today either.

We are past the point of political explanations. There is just no way, in my view, that Biden remains missing in action this long if he were otherwise capable of addressing the nation. There’s literally nothing to lose by doing so and everything to gain. This situation is not going to improve. If he waits until tomorrow, Wednesday, or beyond, the speech will only become more difficult to deliver. More and more videos like the one I posted above of the C-17 are going to be coming out. The death toll for Americans will almost assuredly rise as well.


That leaves one logical explanation — Joe Biden physically can’t deliver an address right now.

Really, what else is there? We’ve seen the president go on these inexplicable stretches of absence during major events before. They haven’t been as monumental as what we are seeing now, but people have long suspected that he has days where he just can’t perform. Occam’s razor says that’s what’s happening here.

Any other president, from Trump to Bush, to Obama, would have been in front of a camera within 12 hours of all this transpiring. The most we’ve gotten from Biden are a few still images of him supposedly doing a video conference at Camp David. Even assuming the current White House is incompetent, they can’t possibly be this incompetent. Something is going on.

Things are so bad that even CNN is wringing its hands a bit.

Think about what we are seeing. The Taliban have given more press availability the last several days than the President of the United States. No, that’s not me making an exaggerated joke. That’s something that actually happened.


So where is Joe Biden? Well, we know he’s at Camp David, but he’s clearly not actually there. His inability to actually be the president is just too obvious at this point. Whether he’s incapacitated or simply doesn’t have the mental stamina to speak right now is largely irrelevant. This is what the 25th Amendment was created for. It wasn’t to go after presidents who drink water with two hands. It was to remove presidents who clearly can’t perform the duties of the office. Biden can’t do his job, and even the holdouts are starting to realize it.


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