China and Its Winnie the Pooh Leader Throw a Temper Tantrum After Their COVID Cover-up Is Exposed

Huang Jingwen/Xinhua via AP

It seems China isn’t too happy about having their COVID-19 cover-up exposed. Yesterday, RedState reported on the latest developments, which including the head of the World Health Organization’s virus origin investigation admitting that the Chicoms had their hands all in the final report. That included barring the presentation of studies that could further point to the lab leak theory as being the most probable explanation.


RedState’s Scott Hounsell had provided evidence of such months earlier (see here and here). Yesterday, The Washington Post finally showed up late to the party as they are so apt to do. It appears China and their Winnie the Pooh leader are upset.

Honestly, nothing is being lost here. China is a totalitarian, dumpster fire state run by rabid, genocidal maniacs, including “President” Xi Jinping. They were never going to actually cooperate with any real investigation. Instead, their motivation for being involved was to use their influence to help cover up what the evidence says they did.

At this point, there’s essentially no evidence the virus started in nature and there’s mounting circumstantial evidence that it came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

That China has refused to provide the necessary raw data and has stood in the way at every corner of any legitimate investigation strikes me as an admission of guilt. This most recent decision to fully disengage only bolsters my opinion more. Somewhere around four million people have died due to COVID-19 worldwide and China’s responsibility can not be obfuscated.


And while I’m confident the truth will fully come out, I’m not at all confident the spineless weasels in the European Union or the White House will do anything about it. Where are the sanctions? Where are the public denouncements? Instead, we’ve still got Joe Biden’s administration refusing to even directly criticize the Chinese. It’s obscene.

This is why Trump’s battle with the Chinese, even on trade grounds, was worthwhile. I do not care about the economic repercussions. China is out of control and has its sights set on world domination in some form or another. We can not continue to feed the beast and bend the knee to them and expect it not to blow up in our faces. It already has with COVID, but there will be far worse ahead if the Western world doesn’t grow a backbone.



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