Smoking Gun Evidence of Chinese COVID Cover-up Emerges

AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

As the COVID Delta wave rages across the globe, China’s role in creating the pandemic is once again under scrutiny. The Washington Post is now reporting that Ben Embarek, head of the World Health Organization’s origin investigation into COVID-19, is admitting that CCP officials essentially dictated what was to be put in the report.


Part of that appears to be a clear attempt to cover up the lab leak theory, framing it as a distant possibility with no evidentiary backing.

Of note is that The Washington Post has done its part in covering all this up as well. As Scott Hounsell reported some months ago, the Post’s recent write-up on the origins of COVID was a white-washed joke, repeating many of the CCP’s obfuscations nearly verbatim. RedState has also reported on the compromised nature of the WHO’s origin investigation, with admissions being made that China was refusing to provide the necessary raw data.

As Scott points out, it’s frustrating that right-leaning outlets can report this stuff months in advance, but only when a dumpster fire outlet like the Post repeats it does it become acceptable to talk about it on social media and elsewhere without repercussion.


While it is certainly vindicating to see that the story may finally be told, it is frustrating that only certain approved members of the media class are allowed to be the ones who tell it.  Our reporting on this information has been clear and factual from day one.  We have sourced our information to a fault, and now the media is chasing our reporting, acting like this is brand-new, breaking information.

Regardless, what the Post’s latest reporting makes clear is that the Chinese were intimately involved in crafting the WHO’s report, with the communist nation seemingly exercising veto power over key pieces of information. That apparently included the ability to delve further into the lab leak theory, with the Chinese putting the kibosh on any citation of studies that could lead people in that direction.

In response, some have claimed that Embarek’s “Chinese counterpart,” mentioned as having sought to cover up the lab leak theory in the Post’s report, does not mean Chinese officials made the call. Anyone that knows how the CCP works knows that’s nonsense. There are no autonomous Chinese representatives. Not at the WHO, and certainly not anywhere else. The state controls all, and they would have made certain they were in control of messaging regarding the investigation.


It appears to now be certain that the Chinese have been wielding undue influence over the WHO in an attempt to skirt responsibility for starting the COVID-19 pandemic. Their extreme defensiveness about the lab leak theory, including their attempts at a cover-up, should only earn them more suspicions. There’s far too much evidence pointing to the Wuhan Institute of Virology as being the most probable place of origin.

Unfortunately, we are currently being led by a president who has continued to show himself subservient to Chinese interests. It may take years before the truth to fully be exposed, but I’m confident it will happen.


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