White House's Most Asinine Vaccine Push Yet

TikTok influencer Benny Drama appears in White House Vaccine Video

We are constantly assured that the most unvaccinated group in the country is made up of Trump voters in red states. And while the relevancy of that detail is highly debatable (rural Trump voters are not spreading COVID in Democrat bastions like New Orleans or Austin), you’d think the White House would use outreach methods that might actually persuade people.

Instead, your tax dollars are presumably being wasted on this abomination of a supposed public service announcement.

I’m sure this will convince your average Trump voter in Tennessee to go out and get the vaccine, right? Actually, I’m not sure exactly who this is supposed to be targeting. Given that black Americans are the least vaccinated group in the country, are they supposed to be moved by this idiocy? Somehow, I doubt they are.

Jen Psaki makes an appearance in the video as well, further befuddling onlookers as to what exactly the point of all this is. But remember, the adults are back in charge, and nothing proves that quite as much as hiring a flamboyant, cringe-worthy TikTok influencer to push vaccines. Maybe they can get that lady who bathed in fruit loops during the Obama administration to give an encore.

The “comedian” in the video is someone named Benny Drama, no doubt a stage name. Whether he was paid for this is anyone’s guess, but you can be confident that the use of the White House and Psaki’s involvement still involved your tax dollars.

This asinine video is yet more proof that the White House doesn’t care about actually pushing the vaccines. Rather, they care about virtue signaling to their fan club, and to be clear, that’s the only group this video appeals to. No Trump voter is going to see this and suddenly decide to get vaccinated. Heck, no normal American of any political persuasion is going to have that reaction.

The White House’s overall incompetence is also accentuated by all this. Remember when Joe Biden had a “plan” to deal with the virus? Who knew this was his plan?

Everything is stupid. Biden’s bluster on the coronavirus throughout the 2020 campaign was just that. There’s no grand plan and certainly no willingness to take responsibility for the results. Instead, they blame nebulous “Trump voters” for low vaccine rates while proving zero correlation when it comes to Delta variant spread. Then they set taxpayer money on fire with vanity projects like this silly video that appeals to absolutely no one outside of people who aren’t even old enough to get the vaccine.

But the adults are back in charge.