The Black Lives Matter Movement Needs to Die

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Demonstrators march during a protest in memory of Breonna Taylor, Saturday, July 11, 2020, in Los Angeles. Taylor was killed in her apartment by members of the Louisville, Ky. Metro Police Department on March 13. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)


My patience has run out. As the country has been engulfed by rioting, looting, and violence since mid-summer, I’ve tried to couch my criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement in ways that show grace to those who I truly feel are discussing issues in good faith. And while I’ve always known the actual BLM organization was a dumpster fire, I knew there were others who simply considered themselves part of a broader, more positive path that paralleled some aspects, but didn’t buy into everything BLM espoused.

I can’t make that distinction anymore. BLM has lost that right with their latest behavior, if they already hadn’t long before.

RedState covered some of their newest, most vile antics this morning, which occurred after two police officers were shot in cold blood in Los Angeles.


To say this is disgusting behavior doesn’t begin to describe it. Further, to try to ascribe this to only the worst parts of the BLM movement is also gaslighting at this point. That a movement would “only” have 7% of its protests turn violent is not something celebrate. It’s something to be astonished by. Past that, many BLM protests devolve into gross, disturbing rhetoric even when violence doesn’t start. When a BLM leader in D.C. started riffing on killing cops a few week ago, that may not have been violent, but it was equally wrong.

I’m sick of the excuses. I’m sick of being told that I must make distinctions and give the benefit of the doubt to a movement that doesn’t deserve it, nor would such treatment be given to any other movement that has so abused its influence.

Here’s my contention. There’s nothing good coming from BLM. Nothing at all. Is the country a better place since their uprising? No, it has only gotten much worse. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, dozens of people have been killed as a result of the riots that have stemmed from BLM “protests.” Men like David Dorn are dead today because BLM encouraged destruction and harm.


This is not a movement that needs to live. It’s a movement that needs to die out. Something that is positive produces positive results. BLM produces nothing positive. Instead, it traffics in misinformation and damaging racial politics, conditioning younger generations to hate and judge their fellow man simply for the color of their skin. That some consider themselves followers who don’t think like that does not absolve BLM of the marks against it. To the extent that people want positive change, they do not need BLM to organize around. If anything, the baggage of the movement is stopping their progress.

Marxist organizations that traffic in dangerous, divisive, sometimes even violent racial pot stirring do not get to lead “movements.” That’s not how any of this works.

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