Black Lives Matter Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Black Americans in Decades

Black Lives Matter as an entity has existed going back to the Baltimore riots, but its impact on the country has truly been felt in the last year. Following the death of George Floyd, hundreds of millions of dollars poured into the national organization’s coffers, and while that’s been lauded as a win for social justice, at some point, black Americans should seriously start analyzing whether the BLM movement has done anything but make their lives worse.


For example, while local chapters die on the vine, the national organization’s founder has now bought four houses, totaling millions of dollars. Her latest purchase was a $1.4 million estate in an almost completely white area of California.

Doesn’t that say something about these activists and how seriously they take their own movement? They get their lucrative book deals, expensive homes, professorships at big universities, and media appearances. Then they flee black areas of the country. Meanwhile, the black community at large, specifically in Democrat-led cities, is suffering. Things are not getting better for them, and the data proves it. Notice that murder and overall crime rates have skyrocketed in America’s major cities since BLM started pushing the “defund the police” mantra.

Take Minneapolis, MN as an example, and one which is extremely relevant. You’ve probably seen the most recent clips of rioting and looting that took place there after the shooting of Daunte Wright (that shooting appears to have been an accident). BLM immediately organized “protests” that devolved into violence and destruction before a single fact was in on that case.


Now that we know race had nothing to do with the incident, what exactly was the point? What did any of that gain the black community in that area? Further, Minneapolis has seen a 250% rise in gunshot victims since this time last year.

So BLM activists gain national plaudits while black neighborhoods are burned down and black people are murdered in higher numbers. Tell me again how BLM is helping black Americans?

Meanwhile, woke corporations pay off those BLM activists to the cheers of the left while those same corporations leave predominantly black areas due to the uncertainty and high crime rates. It’s classic virtue-signaling, where an elite group gets to pat themselves on the back while normal people gain absolutely nothing, and in fact, pay the price. It’s truly a testament to just how cynical our politics have become.

Lastly, due to all the harm caused by the BLM movement’s rush to demonize police, specifically leading to skyrocketing crime rates, the economic situation in our inner cities has become increasingly dire. That wasn’t the case just a few years ago when black unemployment hit record lows and wage growth hit highs we hadn’t seen in decades. When people loot and burn down businesses, those businesses don’t usually come back. Further, it hurts future investment. That creates an economic sucking wound that can’t be packed.


I’ll end by asking again — how is anything the BLM movement has brought about helped black Americans? All I can see is harm, and while it’s perfectly reasonable to have complaints about policing in America, if an organization is objectively not helping the situation but making it worse, then people should seriously ask whether it should exist at all. BLM has made things worse in this country, in my opinion, and it’s time to wake up and have a reckoning with that fact. There’s way too much grifting going on and not near enough results.


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