Ted Cruz Ties the Senate's Most Vapid Senator in Knots After a Revealing Admission

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There are a lot of politicians in Washington who you probably wouldn’t trust to know how to lick the back of an envelope. Yet, in the malaise of mediocrity that is the U.S. Congress, one senator stands as a giant among her colleagues in terms of sheer vapidness: Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii.


It’s one thing to be a rabid partisan, willing to say anything to advance one’s political goals. Yet, Hirono comes across as genuinely dumb. Remember, this is the same person who once asked Justice Amy Coney Barrett if she had ever raped someone.

Ted Cruz exposed the left-wing idiocy involved in Hirono’s rant, something he’s been doing a lot of recently (see Ted Cruz Nails It After Nancy Pelosi Goes Into the Fetal Position Over Abortion Question).

Now, putting aside the own here for a second, Hirono’s philosophy when it comes to judges is on full display. She attempts to assert that gay marriage would not have been legalized had judges followed “originalism.” Now, I’m not sure of the legal merits of that claim (as far as whether originalism was a deterrent instead of other factors) but it’s a blatant admission that she wants her judges to be partisans who legislate from the bench. In fact, it’s an admission she wants her judges to have no limiting principles whatsoever. Call it the “wise Latina” standard set by Justice Sotomayor, who is very open about the fact that she rules based on the idea of “justice” and impact instead of what the law actually says.


Hirono, in this case, gets very angry when Cruz points out her ridiculous notion, claiming that he was “mansplaining” to her. It’s one of the more cringe moments in the video, akin to your grandmother trying to sing rap lyrics. Cruz then ties her in knots by asking her to note exactly what he mischaracterized about her silly rant.

Of course, she can’t do so. Democrats can rarely defend the things they assert, instead, relying on the media, or in this case, an angry chairman with a gavel to save them. Hirono could have easily rebutted Cruz if she had anything to actually rebut. But Cruz had not mischaracterized her comments. Rather, he had shared them honestly, including the silly implications of them.

One of the great mysteries of our time is how Hirono got to where she is. I don’t know her entire story, but I’m going to guess there’s some kind of nepotism or family enrichment involved. Maybe one day when I’ve got nothing better to do, like gauge my eyes out, I’ll look into it.


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