Ted Cruz Nails It After Nancy Pelosi Goes Into the Fetal Position Over Abortion Question

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One of the chief tenets of being an abortion supporter is being an absolute coward when it comes to defending their position. Instead of just admitting that they want the choice to kill babies and are arbitrarily deciding a human being in the womb has no rights, most of them hide behind false scientific claims about life and viability.


Nancy Pelosi is no different. When she was asked today whether a 15-week-old baby in the womb is a human being, she deflected as she always does, going into the rhetorical fetal position.

Here’s her weak performance in all its pathetic glory.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but if someone is going to hold a position that is so deadly as thinking abortion is acceptable, shouldn’t they at least be able to answer a basic question like this? But Democrats don’t want to admit to what science actually tells us, which is that life begins at conception. Rather, they want to keep putting their head in the sand, not having to admit that a human being is being extermined during an abortion procedure.

But again, the science is clear, and no amount of saying “fetus” over and over changes that. Fetus literally means baby, for starters. Secondly, we know a fetus has its own DNA, its own body, its own heartbeat, its own brain function, and is its own individual life. That is not debatable. That a baby in the womb relies on its mother for viability is not dispositive of anything. A two-month-old, born baby has to be cared for as well or it will die. Your 95-year-old grandmother hooked up to an array of machines at the nursing home is not viable on her own either. Should it be legal to put a bullet in her brain? The answer is, obviously, no. Relying on another human being is not a disqualification for holding an individual right to life.


Just like slavery, and yes, that’s a completely viable comparison, mostly white Democrats are seekings to arbitrarily assign rights to human beings, not based on inalienable standards, but rather by their own selfish desires.

Ted Cruz responded to Pelosi, ripping her unwillingness to answer the question.

CNS News then asked Cruz what he has to say to his colleagues who refuse to answer that question, to which the senator replied, “The science is clear. I believe life begins at conception and that we should protect every human being from conception to natural death. That life is a precious gift from God.”

“The Supreme Court, beginning with Roe. v. Wade, began this country on a path that has tragically taken the lives of over 60 million unborn children,” he continued.

Nancy Pelosi is a disgusting, heretical coward. She claims to be a devout Catholic while dodging basic questions about human life in the womb and supporting abortion until birth. How she sleeps at night will always remain a mystery.

The entire abortion lobby should be made to own their position. The science is clear – a baby in the womb is an individual human life. If abortion supporters can look themselves in the mirror after admitting that and still support the killing of children in the womb, then at least they are being honest about what they want. What they don’t get to do is create their own reality where they claim a fetus isn’t alive and isn’t a human being. Pelosi wants to straddle the fence on the matter, and she doesn’t get to do that anymore nor do any of her cohorts.


You think abortion is fine and a “woman’s right,” then grow a backbone and hold that position while acknowledging exactly what you are supporting. It’s that simple.


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