Things Explode at School Board Meeting Over CRT, Arrests Are Made

Loudoun County school board meeting, June 22, 2021

Things are popping off in Loudon County, VA tonight as the debates over critical race theory and transgender issues in schools heat up. Over 200 parents signed up to give public comments at a local school board meeting, and things just got crazier from there.


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Eventually, an unlawful assembly was declared and several arrests were made.

All the crowd did was clap in support of someone’s comment. That’s literally the extent of their “eruption,” but that was enough for the little tyrants on the school board to shut down the meeting and get the cops involved.


I’m going to say something somewhat controversial on the right, and if you feel the need to roast me in the comments, go ahead, but here it goes – the police are not your friends.

Yes, you can support the mission of the police and the typically worthwhile work they do, but in the end, you can not outsource the defense of your liberty to them. Government power is pervasive and the police are ultimately going to do what they are told. If the school board cosplay as dictators, the police are going to follow their lead when told to disperse the crowd. It is what it is, and we saw that reality made clear during the pandemic when police were used to arrest people for exercising basic rights.

Honestly, scenes like this are disgusting, not because there aren’t situations a crowd may need to be dispersed, but because in this case, the school board works for those parents and taxpayers. The least they can do is sit there, shut up, and listen to what they have to say for a couple of hours. Instead, in conjunction with the police, they cleared the room the first moment they were made uncomfortable by what was being said. It’s a bad scene, and it ultimately has to be fixed at the ballot box. Stop electing these people to positions of power. Loudon County is learning that the hard way.


But, this is also a victory in the sense that things are boiling over and the left can’t hide what’s happening anymore. School boards across the country are facing massive amounts of pushback, not just from protests, but in elections as well. Parents are reclaiming their right to dictate what their children are exposed to, and it’s a great thing for society. The government is not god nor should it operate as such. The people that pay the taxes that pay the salaries of those on these school boards deserve to be heard, and for the first time in a long time, that’s happening.


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