Conservatives Are Winning the Battle Against Critical Race Theory and It's Driving the Left Nuts

While being a conservative typically means having a constant case of cynicism, I’m going to pump some optimism into the atmosphere this morning — conservatives are winning the battle against critical race theory.


In practical terms, there a few reasons I think that’s true. For starters, conservatives have engaged and started to turn the tide before the left has already locked in their gains. That seems like a simple concept, but it’s one rarely observed on the right. Typically, reactions come too late, allowing whatever is objectionable to be thoroughly ingrained in society before the pushback starts. That’s not how to win any cultural battle.

Regarding CRT, conservatives saw the seeds being planted very early on and started to wage war not just at the national level, but more importantly, at the state and local level. That has the left gnashing their teeth. They aren’t used to conservatives not being strategic morons. That’s why you are seeing them (and some in the failure caucus on the right) try to redefine the rules of the battle. They want you to “come up with a better curriculum” when terrible ideas that were not present before do not require replacements. Rather, they simply require forgoing implementation. CRT is not the default even if its proponents are trying to steal a victory by presuming it is.

Because conservatives have gotten the jump on the left, you are now seeing dismissive commentary that presumes the right is fighting a ghost. Again, that’s a tell that conservatives are winning this fight. When the left take a key piece of their ideology and pretend it doesn’t exist or claim you “just don’t understand it,” that’s their way of trying to shame you into disengaging.


Thus, you get stuff like this.

I love this so much because it presumes that only those on the left are allowed to bring all their forces to bear to defeat something they find harmful, racist, and illiberal. Yes, the battle against CRT has drawn support from national organizations. So what? Did Brandy Zadrozny, a partisan hack of a “reporter,” chastize her own side for using every tool at their disposal to push transgender ideology? Of course not, because her critique isn’t really about claims of astroturfing or CRT not being a real threat. Rather, it’s a weak attempt to get conservatives to once again unilaterality disarm. It’s not going to work this time, as the recent victories in school board elections have shown.


From the local to the state to the national level, conservatives are fighting against CRT. That makes the left angry. It also means they are going to going to pull out the old playbook in an attempt to get those on the right to cease fire. The above NBC News hit job is just one example, but in the end, it serves as more evidence that conservatives are winning.


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