Fed up Illinois Parent Drops Some Inconvenient Truths About CRT During School Board Meeting (Video)

Concerned Illinois parent Ty Smith goes off on Critical Race Theory, 6/9/21. (Credit: Benny Johnson)

Diverse groups of outraged parents, students, educators, and other concerned citizens are rising up across the country in opposition to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public school classrooms.


They’ve been successful in their efforts to a certain extent at the local level, enough that now the mainstream media has all but literally declared war on opponents of CRT, as we’ve previously reported.

The videos of people speaking out against CRT never get old, and the next clip is no exception. It shows Ty Smith, a father of two in Illinois, absolutely go off on the concept of CRT during a contentious school board meeting. In particular, he strenuously objected to the victimhood aspect of CRT, pointing out that he grew up in poverty and still went on to make something of himself with the help of white and black people alike.

“You’re going to deliberately teach kids, ‘this white kid right here got it better than you because he’s white’?” he said. “You’re going to purposely tell a white kid that black people are all down and oppressed? How do I have two medical degrees if I’m sitting here oppressed?”



Smith, who also hosts the “Cancel This” weekend program on Cities 92.9FM talk radio, appeared on Fox News earlier today for an interview with Martha MacCallum about his viral video and to further expand on his thoughts. What I especially dug about what he had to say was that he never told his sons (who are 17 and 19) to treat people differently based on race. He also said he had nieces and nephews who were going to be in school soon and that he did not want them growing up being taught to feel like victims and to judge people based on their race. Watch:

Smith also has a popular YouTube channel in which he goes by the name “Modern Renaissance Man.” As I wrote this, he posted an extended clip of the comments he gave during that June 9th school board meeting, which you can watch below:

The Democrats’ worst nightmare are minority citizens (women, black people, Hispanics, etc) who dare to think differently by not toeing the liberal line and by questioning media/left-wing narratives. That’s a big reason why the push is underway to smear and silence those who are critical of CRT.


What the left doesn’t understand, however, is that in trying to suppress people’s voices on this issue it only makes them want to get louder. Because as it turns out, there are a helluva lot of folks from all backgrounds who stand opposed to teaching children to believe their country is inherently racist, systemic racism is everywhere, all black people are victims, and that some of their classmates have much to atone for simply because they were born white – and they’re not going to be kept quiet about it.

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