Ted Cruz Spits Fire About Critical Race Theory in Blistering Rebuke

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The battle over critical race theory has been heating up for a while, and for once, conservatives seem to be fully engaged before it’s too late. As I wrote yesterday, the recent successes at the local level against CRT curriculum in schools have put the left-back on their heels. They didn’t expect the pushback they’ve gotten (they are used to the right just folding, after all) and they are desperately looking for a way to get conservatives to voluntarily surrender. That’s not going to happen.


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On that topic, Sen. Ted Cruz delivered a blistering rebuke of CRT, saying it’s no different than a Klansman in “white sheets.”

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Naturally, that upset people in the mainstream media because they resent anyone who would dare call them out for their hypocrisy and double standards. You can’t position yourself as a champion against racism and then push CRT, which at its very core is racist. You only have to look at Ibram X. Kendi, the current figurehead pushing CRT, and his “anti-racist” movement understand that.

Kendi proposes that racism isn’t actually racism if it’s creating “equity” in the system. Note the distinct language shift from the prior term of “equality.” In other words, the proposition is that racial discrimination is actually good if it somehow elevates those viewed as “oppressed” by current systems. Of course, how the current systems cause oppression is a question always left unanswered. Are there specific laws that need to be changed? Which ones, exactly?


Further, to push the perverted idea that it is moral and necessary to be racist in the pursuit of equity, CRT proclaims that white people hold implicit, inbred racial views and benefit from “privilege” that justifies discrimination against them to balance outcomes. Obviously, things get even more convoluted and complicated from there, but the nuts and bolts of what the modern left call critical race theory is simply racism by another name.

In other words, Cruz is correct. Those pushing insanely racist ideas about white people are no better than the white supremacist donning a white hood. Racism is racism, and there is no justification for it. At the end of the day, it is the government’s job to provide equality, not equity. Equity of outcome is an impossible goal that takes agency away from individuals, supposing that all hard work leading to success is somehow tainted.

As Cruz says, these ideas are lies. They are being fomented by grifters seeking to make money off their racist views. Kendi is a racist, full stop. He’s also made millions of dollars being one. His ideas, nor the broader ideas of critical race theory, have no place in our school systems. Heck, they have no place in the corporate or government world either. I suspect that house of cards, no matter how much the left tries to influence those domains, will come crashing down eventually, as well.



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