Ted Cruz Slams a Must See 'Woke, Emasculated' Army Recruitment Ad and Triggers the Right People

Sen. Ted Cruz has been on fire lately. His latest take that’s drawing the ire of the left, particularly the left-wing media, centers on an Army recruitment campaign called “The Calling,” which consists of every woke stereotype wrapped into an animated series that is supposed to make the Army more relatable.


What it actually entails is an ad campaign that makes our military look weak and ineffective. Cruz called that out via a comparison with the Russian military, which RedState originally covered some days ago.

To bolster Cruz’s point, here’s a version of the comparison with the Chinese military as well.

If you can’t see the videos above, what they essentially consist of is Russia and China flexing their military might, showing men jumping out of planes, tanks rolling through the streets, snipers doing their thing, and just generally showing strength. Meanwhile, the Army ad comes on and it’s a cartoon of a woman getting married to another woman while another girl talks about joining a sorority of empowered women before deciding she wanted to discover her inner self via the Army.

Sure, there’s propaganda involved here (on both sides), but isn’t that kind of the point of military recruitment ads? They are supposed to project overwhelming force and power to our enemies, not make them laugh. Just a few years ago, U.S. military ads would have looked just like the Russian one shown. Things have changed quickly and that’s solely due to a push for wokeness from the top brass who are being influenced by the Biden administration.


Meanwhile, Cruz triggered the right people.

The Washington Post wasn’t the only outlet to run with that headline as if a majority of military vets are angry at Cruz for speaking obvious truth. Business Insider, The Houston Chronicle, The Hill, and others also publicized VoteVets response even though they are an organization of nothing more than a far-left, Democrat mouth-piece who don’t even begin to speak for veterans.

Look, military strength matters. That’s the entire point of having a military. Cruz is simply pointing that out and that it makes the usual suspects really mad is probably a good thing. This is a discussion that needs to be had. The stakes are too high.


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