Joe Biden's G7 Presser Was an Absolute Train Wreck on the World Stage

Joe Biden and his overly-ambitious wife have been in the United Kingdom the last week, pretending to be royalty and generally projecting how much the United States is now taking a backseat on the world stage. That’s led to several awkward moments, including President Biden seemingly getting confused and having to be ushered away by Jill Biden. Then there was just the general embarrassment of a bunch of out-of-touch, vaccinated world leaders, elbow bumping each other because they are afraid to shake hands.


Things are not fine, and the supposed leaders of the “free world” are projecting weakness at a level that is emboldening bad actors around the world.

Even still, none of that added up to the sheer train wreck that was Joe Biden’s G7 presser today. We are in trouble as a nation.

Here was the requisite “joke” about him not having enough agency to choose who he calls on for questions. He does this all the time, and it never becomes less awkward.

Then there was this ridiculous exchange.

What the heck did I just watch? This is the President of the United States unable to answer a basic question, instead, leaning into the mic and growling about it how it has only been 120 days. I’m not sure if that’s the senility coming out — or if he’s really just this awkward when he’s of sound mind — but it’s not a good look.

Besides, Biden has been in Washington, D.C., for 47 years. The idea that he just needs “more time” to do something as simple as lifting steel tariffs makes no sense, on its face.

Things got weirder, though. When asked why he wasn’t going to do the traditional joint presser when he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin soon, Biden basically admitted that his brain is too broken to handle it.


How weak does this make the United States look? Our president can’t even be counted on to push back on Putin in a joint presser, something the last, several presidents had no problem doing. (More on that in Andrew Malcolm’s upcoming, Sunday VIP piece.)

But, Biden and his handlers know he’s incapable of controlling himself in such an environment so he hides behind this faux, tough guy personality. No, being tough would be calling out Putin to his face or at the very least, championing American principles as Putin stands beside him. Joint pressers aren’t meant to really elicit new information. They are symbolic in nature. Biden simply doesn’t have the ability to even do one. It’s a sad scene, not just for him, but for all Americans.

Of course, no Biden presser would be complete without him completely forgetting key facts about something he’s commenting on.

Unfortunately, Biden (as part of the Obama administration) has already seen to it that Libya is too far gone, with the country becoming a literal modern-day slave market. But perhaps this was a bit of a Freudian slip, admitting that his actions caused such death and suffering? Past that, you’d expect the President of the United States to know the difference between Libya and Syria, especially when you are trying to project strength to Putin in negotiating over how to handle the situation.


Unfortunately, there was no strength to be projected at all this past week at the G7. Our president is not fit for the world stage. He can’t handle basic duties and clearly has no idea what he’s talking about at any given moment. This is a senile old man who needs to be sitting in a rocking chair, staring at a pasture for the last several years of his life, not leading the supposed most powerful nation on earth.


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