Jill Biden's Insecure Flexing at the G7: Melania, the BBC, and Pulling Joe Away From Press

Aaron Chown/Pool photo via AP

Joe Biden is in the U.K. at the G7, and Jill Biden is with him.

We saw the picture of Jill Biden on the way to England, sitting at the presidential desk on Air Force One with her glasses on and reading a briefing book, with the message “Prepping for the G7.”


Many thought the optics of her seemingly taking over her husbands seat were bad, as if she was sending signals as to who was in charge (no matter how that might hurt her husband).

Tucker Carlson noted how “the point couldn’t be clearer: Dr. Jill’s in charge now.”

When she got there, she also scolded Joe to “pay attention” while they were speaking to the troops at Royal Air Force Mildenhall.

Once Jill Biden was at the G7 in Cornwall, she was also clearly trying to send another message with a shot meant for Melania Trump — wearing a jacket that said “LOVE” on the back. That was meant for the media to make the comparison to the jacket that Melania had worn in 2018, which read: “I don’t care, do you.”

But Melania was wearing that for media (no, she didn’t wear it while visiting migrant children in Texas), as a response to their negative coverage of her. She wore it while getting on the plane (being covered by media), but not when getting off in Texas and not at the migrant center.

Media, of course, picked up the narrative Jill was laying down and falsely represented — yet again — that Melania wore it while visiting the children.


Here is the video of Melania getting off the plane in Texas, and you can also see the pics of her at the migrant center. She’s not wearing that green jacket at any point.

But, it’s one of those lies about the Trumps that just keeps getting repeated over and over again by media, so forgive me if I refute it one more time.

It’s actually some pretty sad flexing there by Jill Biden, not only not caring what the optics might be for her husband with her plane picture, but also clearly looking for attention over Melania Trump. Someone who is comfortable in her own skin doesn’t do such things. Jill’s looking a bit insecure and petty there.

Then they apparently went out while in Cornwall to a garden pub area at the place they were staying, Tregenna Castle, and kicked out some of the BBC so they could get the table they wanted. The Bidens didn’t seem to have an issue with booting people out of their table. The BBC completely gushed over them anyway.


But, things almost got out of hand in this clip, when Joe was shuffling away from a table by himself and ITV News starts to ask him questions. That’s when Jill has to move in and flex again, pulling him away from the press.

Can’t have him talking by himself to the press, or that could be a big problem. Everyone laughed as she pulled him away, like a parent would with a five-year-old child. But, it’s really not funny.


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