The Silliness at the G7: Elbow Bumping, Social Distancing and More 'Gender Neutral'

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool

Today was the first day of the G7, and apparently, it was time to let the silliness begin.

First, Joe Biden skipped right over the handshake with Boris Johnson to get to his wife first where they “elbow bump.”


Now, one has to presume all these world leaders have long since been vaccinated. Boris Johnson had the Wuhan coronavirus so he doubtless still has antibodies. But that didn’t stop Joe Biden and his wife from doing the “elbow bump.”

They carried that over to the meetings with other leaders.

Let’s improve that with a little music.

Who wins the soy award? Justin Trudeau (naturally) for wearing a mask even outdoors on the beach among the fully vaccinated. If you’ll notice there at the end, they are all socially distanced on a stand.

I’m thinking that’s a safe bet.

They looked a little like action figures on a stand for kids to collect, get the whole set! With movable arms and legs!


But then after all that, here’s Biden and Macron, with their arms draped all over each other. So the point of the elbow bumping and the social distancing for the cameras was what again? Besides empty theater?

So what do you think that they’re talking about? Now, if I were there, I would think one of my top priorities would be talking about how the group should collectively hold China to account for the harm it has done to the world with its cover-up of the pandemic’s origins and withholding clinical data, not to mention the genocide of the Uighurs, the concentration camps, the threats to Taiwan, and the repression of people in Hong Kong. Would it be holding out too much to hope that’s somewhere on the agenda? Perhaps it’s there somewhere, although it doesn’t seem to be a priority to Biden.

(READ “Intent to Kill: The Chinese Government Withheld COVID Data, Vaccine Formula From the World“)

But here’s what Boris Johnson choose to highlight at the meeting table when he spoke of what they needed to do.


Johnson used a term he’s used in the past, a term that Joe Biden lifted from him to use in his campaign and a term which has also been used by those pushing the “reset”: Build Back Better. Given the rest of  Johnson’s gibberish, particularly the way he expressed it at the end – it was pretty clear he really didn’t even really mean or care about what he was saying. It was like he was trying to string words together that he thought would appeal to the other liberal leaders. What did that even mean? And he’s supposed to be the “conservative.”

When I hear stuff like that and look at their empty posturing, I’m thinking that logical priorities like going after China and Russia aren’t part of the way that these silly people think.


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