The Receipts Get Dropped After Another Trump Narrative Dies a Brutal Death

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP

As RedState reported earlier today, a major story that was used to bludgeon President Donald Trump prior to his election died a brutal death today. The supposed undemocratic, human rights-abusing (at least according to the media) clearing of Lafayette Square last year turns out to have been nothing of the sort.


And the source for the news comes from the most unlikely of places. Here’s Ken Dilanian, otherwise known as “Fusion Ken,” belatedly having to admit the entire narrative was fake news.

Now, the receipts have come due and I’m here to facilitate the airing of grievances. Let’s start with current President Joe Biden.

That’s gonna be a big nope. Biden, as he did throughout much of the 2020 campaign, was lying and simply did not have the facts when he made his tortured post about “peaceful protesters” (they had literally burned a church the night before).

Here’s a litany of other figures, many of which have continually pushed fake Trump stories over the years, who also set their hair on fire over something that didn’t even happen.


And no receipts post would be complete without David French making an idiot of himself again.

These mouth-breathers were so desperate to paint Trump as some kind of fascist that they refused to accept the official account at the time. Instead, the spun tails of Trump sitting at his desk telling the park police to beat up protesters or something. That wasn’t true, and now this IG report proves it wasn’t true. Where are the apologies? I won’t hold my breath.

Of course, this is just one in a long line of Trump stories that have crashed and burned well after the fact. Why was this news not released prior to the election? I think we know why.


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