Sen. Kennedy Causes Biden's Insane ATF Director Nominee to Thoroughly Beclown Himself

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

With so much going on in the world, the nomination of David “Waco” Chipman as ATF Director has flown a bit under the radar. When it was first announced, RedState reported on Tucker Carlson’s takedown of the deranged internet troll so be sure to check that out (see Tucker Carlson Sweeps the Leg of Joe Biden’s ATF Nominee).

Now, the actual Senate hearing for the nomination has begun, and the viral clips are coming fast and hard. Sen. John Kennedy had one of the best exchanges, getting Chipman to absolutely beclown himself.

Chipman is not a smart man and that’s readily apparent when you see him interacting with Kennedy. This is a guy who made his name by lying about the Waco massacre, where dozens of children were burned to death by an over-zealous ATF that had little justification to do what they did. Chipman was so proud that he posed on the rubble afterward for a photo-op.

Of course, it’s Chipman’s current views on guns that disqualify him the most. Kennedy presses him, again and again, to define what an “assault weapon” is as Chipman says he supports a ban on such firearms. He can’t do it, first trying to obfuscate and then later attempting to hide behind the legalese of the ATF. Obviously, anyone up for the director position of such an agency needs to be able to define basic terms given they will be the one making rules and regulations surrounding any legislation Congress passes.

Later, Chipman would finally answer the question when posed to him by another Senator, essentially describing a total ban on all semi-automatic firearms with a detachable magazine. This guy is a total nut job who has zero respect for the Second Amendment. I guess that’s why Biden nominated him.

This is not a person who can be allowed to take over the ATF. Sen. Joe Manchin better put his big-boy pants on because if he helps confirm this guy, there will be no political future in West Virginia left for the supposed moderate. Further, if Sen. Lisa Murkowski crosses party lines again and helps push Chipman over the finish line, having previously been the lone GOP vote to confirm Biden’s racist Associate Attorney General pick, she should be kicked out of the party. I’m serious. Enough is enough, and some litmus tests are worth having.

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