Tucker Carlson Sweeps the Leg of Joe Biden's ATF Nominee

Tucker Carlson Sweeps the Leg of Joe Biden's ATF Nominee
Photo via Gage Skidmore

With a major push for “gun control” being executed by the Biden administration, the president felt it was a good time to nominate someone to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, otherwise known as the ATF (or AFT if you are a certain, senile White House dweller). David Chipman is that nominee, and let’s just say he’s got a colorful history (see Biden’s Pick to Head the ATF Has Posted Some Really Nutty Things).

Last night, Tucker Carlson did a segment on Chipman. What followed was a well-deserved sweeping of the leg. Here’s the video.

Tucker starts with a general takedown of Biden’s rantings on guns, much of which he espoused at a recent press conference. While announcing a mostly symbolic executive order to “reform” gun laws, Biden told lie after lie, including about background checks at gun shows and the general causes of violence. The president also made the insane assertion that constitutional rights are not absolute, something that is probably news to a lot of people.

The segment also hit on a broader point I’ve made before, which is that rifles make up a tiny portion of homicides committed with guns (and remember, some portion of those homicides are in self-defense). In general, criminals don’t use rifles for obvious reasons (they don’t fit down your pants). Instead of going after inner-city crime and the sources of violence, Biden is choosing to go after guns that almost exclusively exist and are used for home defense and sport shooting (including hunting). AR-15’s are the most plentiful rifle in the country, yet by the numbers, they are one of the least likely to be used in a crime. That they’ve been used in tragic, high-profile shootings doesn’t change the actual numbers.

Tucker eventually gets to Mr. Chipman, a deranged internet troll who has made apologies for the Waco massacre and called gun owners “zombie preppers” in an attempt at insult. That man is who Biden wants to lead the ATF and as Tucker points out, Chipman is a conspiracy nut who once claimed the Branch Davidians shot down helicopters in an attempt to justify the ATF’s actions, showing a distinct lack of sympathy for what was objectively a tragedy that should have never happened.

Worse, Chipman once advocated some weird form of pre-crime, whereby anyone who failed a background check would be arrested before even committing a crime. That sounds a lot like something you’d see in China, right? Tucker also notes that while Chipman wants people who lie on background checks to go to prison (and they should), the most high-profile case of such happening in the recent past involves none other than Hunter Biden.

Tucker ends by asking the obvious question. Will Chipman arrest Hunter Biden for breaking the laws that are directly enforced by the ATF? I’m gonna guess no, but it’s certainly a subject the Biden administration should answer for.

In short, Chipman is a nut job who has no business overseeing any agency, much less an agency dedicated to regulating guns. He’s a zealot that doesn’t believe in any constitutional standard in regards to gun ownership, and that’s dangerous. Hopefully, though I’m not going to hold my breath, Joe Manchin decides this is a bridge too far and sinks this nomination.

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