The Left's Favorite Ankle-Biting Republican Takes an Embarrassing Shot at Rand Paul

The Left's Favorite Ankle-Biting Republican Takes an Embarrassing Shot at Rand Paul
Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

Sen. Rand Paul has been triggering all the right people over the last year, not the least of which has been Dr. Anthony Fauci. The good doctor has had to belatedly admit that Paul was right on a number of points including the issue of masks and the origins of COVID-19.

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Apparently, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the left’s favorite ankle-biting Republican, didn’t get the memo to not question Paul’s medical knowledge.

This grifting clown is apparently so anti-science that he now doesn’t believe in natural immunity from the coronavirus. Of course, this is a topic the government also eschews facts on. The FDA claims that “it is not known” if antibodies from previous infection protect you from reinfection, except it is absolutely known based on real-world data. If natural immunity was somehow not a thing for COVID, we would have seen a major rash of reinfections by now and we simply haven’t. That’s not to say natural immunity is fool-proof as even the vaccine isn’t fool-proof, but it is clearly highly effective. Regarding the retort that we don’t know how long it lasts, we also don’t know how long immunity from the vaccine lasts. Those are realities that will be managed as evidence presents itself that immunity is wearing off in the population.

Ironically, it is the World Health Organization that is giving the facts about natural immunity, noting that current data shows it lasts at least up to 6-8 months, and there is reason to believe it could be much longer. We’ve seen natural immunity last decades for other viruses.

But the real issue here isn’t the quibbling over how long natural immunity lasts. It is that the vaccine has become a tool for political virtue signaling and not just protection from a disease. You are not a better person if you rush to get the vaccine even as you currently enjoy natural immunity. No one needs you to “lead” by posting silly videos of you getting a shot in your arm. Americans, for the most part at least, are not infants and politicians should not try to be their parents.

Nowhere does Rand Paul claim he’s trying to be “manly” by not getting the vaccine right away. He’s a doctor and has been tested for antibodies. He is choosing not to do something that scientifically he does not need to do right now. That shouldn’t be mocked, it should be lauded. I thought the entire point was to follow objective data? But when it comes to the vaccine, some people take it as a religious exercise.

In short, Kinzinger is a clown. He lives on MSNBC attacking his own party and it’s obvious he’ll latch on to anything at this point to get his shots in. This was never just about Trump and a pursuit of principle as he claims. Kinzinger enjoys the backslaps from performing for the left. It’s that simple.

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