Rand Paul Gets the Last Laugh After a Revealing Admission by Dr. Fauci

Just in case you were under any illusion that Dr. Anthony Fauci follows “the science,” he blew that up this morning with a revealing admission about his previous mask-wearing. Prior to the CDC’s sudden flip-flop on guidance for vaccinated people last week, Fauci was a religious double masker despite already receiving both doses.


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In fact, Fauci went so far as to lock horns and try to demean Sen. Rand Paul, accusing him of not knowing what he’s talking about when Paul pressed Fauci on why he continued to wear a mask after being vaccinated. RedState reported on that when it happened.

Well, things have apparently changed – or better yet, nothing has changed but Fauci has admitted he was lying when he previously refused to concede Paul’s point that masking after vaccination is not necessary. While formerly hiding behind “the science,” Fauci now says that he did, in fact, continue to wear the mask for purposes of imagery and not data.

Now, what do you call someone performing for purposes of imager instead of objective data? You might call that “theater,” right? In other words, Paul was right all along and Fauci was not only wrong, but he was maliciously misleading at the same time.


This is yet another example of the federal government, including Fauci, lying to the American public for what they deem as “their own good.” That’s not how any of this is supposed to work. How can there be any expectation that people trust “the science” when bureaucrats citing said science continue to mislead for political purposes? Further, it should scare everyone that the government is willing to lie about what’s real and what’s not without even a hint of remorse. If they will lie to you about masks, what else will they lie to you about?

Fauci owes Paul an apology, though none will be forthcoming. Rather, Fauci will just keep doubling down, contradicting himself, and seeking to raise his own profile in the process. That’s all this is really about. The nation’s supposed top doctor is really just a partisan hack and that has been shown over and over at this point.


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