Joe Biden Levies a New Threat, as His Eyes Continue to Disappear Into His Face

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Joe Biden loves to play the role of tyrant, and his response to the coronavirus has been no exception. Recently, he declared that the “rule” is to either wear a mask or get vaccinated and that the “choice is yours” like he’s bringing down the commandment from on high (see Tyrants Don’t Deserve Praise). In reality, the president has no power to make such edicts, and there is no “rule.” What exists is guidance from a CDC that has blown all of its credibility.


Given that, it’s not difficult to understand why vaccinations are now lagging. No one trusts the government anymore after so much dishonesty and political posturing at the expense of doing what actually makes scientific sense. Despite that, Biden is doubling down, levying another threat today for those who haven’t gotten vaccinated yet.

Will they, though? Sure, it’s fine to advertise the vaccine based on the fact that it’s been proven effective against a virus that can be deadly (and far more deadly to certain groups). It’s also fine to encourage people to get it as a matter of precaution even if they aren’t in a category that enjoys a high level of risk. But it’s not fine to just lie like this, and this kind of generalized threat is simply not truthful. There are tens of millions of people with prior immunity who won’t pay the “price” for not getting vaccinated right away. There are also tens of millions of people in age and health demographics that make them largely invulnerable to the virus. For example, we know that 80% of people who have died were obese and most of the rest had other pre-existing conditions.

What Biden is doing is a favorite tactic he’s honed over his decades in public life. He likes to play tough-guy, and this is a continuation of that. It’s also a completely stupid way to try to encourage people to get vaccinated. It would be far more effective, in my opinion, to just be honest with people about the risks along the spectrum. People appreciate honesty, not hysterics.


Regardless, can we talk about Joe Biden’s health for a second? What in the world is with his eyes?

A few more months and they are going to completely disappear into his face. The taut skin, the paleness, the paced speech, and the squinty eyes are not normal. Speculating, it sure seems like he’s heavily medicated at times. Of course, the media aren’t going to ask questions about that, and Biden’s handlers will keep wheeling him out until they can’t keep the charade up any longer.


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