Washington's Most Hackish Reporter Gets a Promotion and You Get to Pay For It

Photo by Brent N. Clarke/Invision/AP

There is no shortage of reporters competing to be the biggest hack in Washington, but one name consistently topped the list over the last year. While CNN’s Jim Acosta used to rule the roost, he’s been relegated to a low-rated weekend show now that Donald Trump isn’t around for him to freak out over anymore.


But PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor has made the transition in expert fashion, managing to go from never asking an honest question of the prior administration to slobbering profusely over the current one.

I mean, it takes real work to be that biased. Most reporters at least try to feign some sense of shame, but Yamiche just dives right in the deep end of bias and does a backflip along the way. Just recently, she attempted to clean up after Maxine Waters, insisting that the Congresswomans’ call to “get more confrontational” to a riotous mob wasn’t a call for violence. Meanwhile, Yamiche is certain that Trump saying to protest peacefully was direct incitement. Behold, the intellectual consistency of your betters.

Now, Yamiche is getting a promotion because everything in our news industry is stupid.

I’ve got more good news. Since PBS takes taxpayer funding, you get to pay for this latest example of left-wing bias being promoted in the mainstream media. If there has ever been a better reason to defund PBS, I’m not aware of it.


No one is going to accuse Robert Costa, the former host of Washington Week, of being fair and balanced, but he at least tried to run the show in a somewhat cautious manner as far as bias goes. Yamiche doesn’t have that ability in her, nor would she exercise it if she did. She’s the type of reporter that invents her own narrative and then beats you over the head with it, no matter how absurd things get. She’s also 100% woke, which means everything she does is seen through the prism of intersectionalism and critical race theory.

Anyway, congrats to all of us for having the privilege of paying for this absolute hack’s advancement. Failing up is the name of the game in the news media, and Yamiche is yet another example.


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