Yamiche Alcindor Tries to Clean up After Maxine Waters, Absolutely Beclowns Herself

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PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor is quite the journalist. After rising to some level of prominence (at least among her mediocre peers) during the Trump years by asking misleading, partisan narrative driving questions of Kayleigh McEnany, Alcindor has continued her race to become the most hackish reporter of all time. I’m not sure she’s quite there yet, but she’s in the running. Heck, I think she’s making Jim Acosta blush at this point.


Alcindor, for example, apparently has no idea how trials work.

Wait, you mean Chauvin’s lawyers are attempting to make a counter-argument to the case being brought forth by the prosecution against their client? What a shocking, completely unheard of development. And here I thought that the defense was just supposed to agree with whatever charges and testimony are brought against them without rebuttal.

She wasn’t done for the day, though. Later, in a tortured attempt to clean up after Maxine Waters’ ridiculous, damaging comments (see Maxine Waters’ Behavior in Minnesota Has Been Rightly Noticed as ‘Abhorrant’ By Chauvin Trial Judge), Alincdor dropped this “fact-check” that manages to reach Hall of Fame levels of gaslighting. Remember, not only is this person supposedly an unbiased journalist, but she’s at least partially paid for by your tax dollars as well.


Fact-check: Maxine Waters did far more to incite violence in her commentary than Donald Trump ever did on January 6th (mainly because Trump didn’t call for violence at all), yet Alcindor is only defending one of those people. I wonder why?

Really, go read Waters’ comments for yourself (see here for a breakdown). She told an already violent mob to get even more “confrontational.” What exactly does that mean if it’s not a call for escalating the already occurring violence? Are we to believe that Waters just meant to yell louder? Come on, we know exactly what she meant, and she said it because she knows there will be no consequences. Nancy Pelosi will do nothing, and Republicans will have to wait until 2022 to act, and that’s if they have the spine to do so.

Regardless, Alincdor is certainly in no position to “fact-check” what Waters meant, especially when her job is ostensibly to just report the facts. Does she claim to be able to read Waters’ mind? Further, by the very standard Alcindor has previously pushed in regards to Trump, Waters went above and beyond in calling for violence. How about a little consistency?


Besides, when even the Chauvin trial judge, a man who has been very lenient on the prosecution, is saying that Waters crossed the line, I’m thinking she crossed the line. Journalists are supposed to be there to call crap like this out, not make ridiculous, false excuses for it. But Yamiche is no journalist. She’s an activist, and it’d be a lot easier if she’d stop pretending otherwise.


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