Liz Cheney Brings in the Big Guns to Campaign for Her Re-Election, Try Not to Laugh

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If Liz Cheney were trying to lose, what would she be doing differently? That’s the question that immediately came to my mind after seeing the slate of big guns she’s got coming to campaign for her in Wyoming.


Cheney, the number-three Republican leader in the House, has had a contentious relationship with the voting base of her party for a while. That came to a head when she voted to impeach Donald Trump for supposed “incitement” on January 6th.

So who is Cheney bringing in? Try not to laugh too hard.

If you aren’t up on Republican politics, the above names are three of the most disliked members of the GOP, and that assumes they are even members of the party, which I’m not sure Jeff Flake is anymore. He’s certainly not in spirit, having endorsed Joe Biden without even being able to explain why.

Meanwhile, Lisa Murkowski is voting like she’s not even going to run for re-election in Alaska, recently being the lone Republican vote to confirm Biden’s awful Deputy Attorney General nominee. If she calls it quits in 2022, there would be plenty of rejoicing over such a decision.


As to Barbara Comstock, she simps for Adam Kinzinger, so that should tell you all you need to know. Here’s some of her well-reasoned analysis.

Maybe there’s some grand plan here that I’m just missing, or perhaps Liz Cheney is just this arrogant. It’s probably more the latter, as she’s seemed to relish sticking her finger in the eye of her colleagues the last few years. Cheney appears to truly believe she can bring back the GOP of 2005, and that apparently means forming alliances with figures that most of the party’s voters can’t stand.

Will that play well in a Wyoming primary? I don’t think it will, but she’s built a political machine there, and she may assume she can coast to victory no matter what. Past that, there would also need to be a strong primary challenger to actually give her a fight. I’m not sure who that person would be, though, those in Wyoming may have a better idea


Regardless, Cheney is just not an asset in her position. When Maxine Waters possibly incited violence recently, telling rioters to “get more confrontational,” Cheney gave a weak, single sentence rebuke and dropped the issue. She didn’t run to all the Sunday shows to put pressure on Nancy Pelosi nor did she take the lead to push her party’s point of view on the matter. Rather, she saves that kind of vigor for Donald Trump.

We’ll find out next year if Cheney’s arrogance costs her. If Wyoming’s overwhelmingly conservative voters start paying attention, they’ll realize it’s time for a change.


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