Maxine Waters Pats Herself on the Back Over the Chauvin Verdict With Joy Reid

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) got a lot of backlash from many quarters after her remarks calling for the activists to “get more confrontational” if they didn’t get a guilty verdict in the case. “We have to show them we mean business,” she said, after saying there needed to be a “guilty, guilty, guilty” verdict.


Republicans blasted her comments as inappropriate, trying to influence the jury and inciting violence. They even made a motion to censure her that was defeated along party lines, proving what hypocrites they are, as we observed, about the whole question of inciting.

But when Waters appeared on MSNBC with Joy Reid after the verdict in the Chauvin trial, she appeared to be patting herself on the back for the trial verdict.

Waters said she was “delighted” with the verdict and even championed “elected officials” using their “influence,” as Newsbusters explained.

From MRC:

And so, I’m delighted that we have the verdict that we got today. I could not believe it, but it is absolutely true and I’m looking forward to elected officials using their influence and their power and for our city council people who have the budgets of these police who have been intimidated by these police unions seeing that it is possible to do right, do what is right, and to honor, you know, the community by not just rolling over because they’re intimidated by the police union and afraid that they won’t get elected.


That is some world-class spin. Waters falsely painted the situation as Republicans wanting to “control” her, an “uppity” black woman as she described herself, skipping right over her inciting words. Waters also refused to acknowledge how wrong it was to make comments about the trial, trying to influence a verdict. The verdict is supposed to be based solely on the evidence of the case, politicians are not supposed to be using their “influence” or declaring what the verdict should be, as Waters did. Even the judge in the case had to chastise her and called it a possible issue on appeal.

Reid and Waters celebrated that the Republican motion to censure her failed, then Reid lied about Republicans not being “eager to be a part of” any “conversation” about policing reform. Actually, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) proposed a police reform bill last year, Democrats couldn’t even be bothered to discuss it and shot it down. It was Democrats who didn’t want to talk, who preferred trying to inflame and divide.

Waters even tried to sell the claim that her “confrontational” remarks were “non-violent,” declaring that Dr. Martin Luther King was confrontational but non-violent as well. She claims the Civil Rights movement was about confrontation. That’s one hard sell she was trying there, especially since she was fully endorsing folks like the BLM, many of whose supporters have been violent, and it was BLM that she was encouraging to be confrontational.


Waters said she went out to the protests because she wanted to tell young people “I support you,” “I want you to be activists” and “Auntie Maxine is here.”


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