Jeff Flake Endorses Biden, Gets Shredded By Martha MacCallum

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Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., speaks to members of the media after leaving a closed door meeting about Saudi Arabia with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


Fox News’ Martha MacCallum may be a rather pleasant individual during most of her time on TV, but she’s also not one to sit there and take someone’s nonsense. That tendency to ask tough questions came last night in her interview with Jeff Flake, as he was made to defend his rationale for endorsing Joe Biden.

What ensued was an a lot of stammering and stuttering as MacCullem absolutely shredded him.

Flake first tried to worm out of the situation by claiming that Biden is really just a good-ole boy moderate who would never be the most progressive president in history. Yet, Biden himself has said that’s what he wants to be. MacCullum wasn’t going to let Flake get away with that. She pressed him on the fact that his descriptions of Biden do not match Biden’s own descriptions of himself. Flake’s deflection was to claim “this is a primary,” which it’s not anymore, but we all understand what he’s trying to do. He wants people to believe that Biden is simply lying to appease the far left. In reality, Biden has been on the far left his entire career, bragging about being the most liberal Senator in Congress.


MacCullum then dropped the hammer, asking Flake exactly what policies Biden is pushing that he supports. He has no answer, instead stumbling around and talking about an immigration bill that went nowhere under Obama. She finally asks him about school choice, yet another area Flake says he disagrees with Biden. At that point, he admits that there will be many things he and “President Biden” disagree on but that he will have “reverence for our institutions.”

This guy is such a political coward. He knew he was going to lose in Arizona, so he didn’t run for re-election. During the Kavanaugh hearings, he played footsie with the left the entire time, accepting wild premises and allowing himself to be battered around by irrational women in elevators. What exactly does “reverence for our institutions” even mean anyway? Last I checked, Biden is supportive of ending the filibuster. He’s also in favor of many left-wing policies that would erode the normal function of our government that Flake claims he wants to preserve. What kind of reverence is that?


As I’ve said many times. If you don’t want to vote for Trump, don’t. But if you actively vote for Joe Biden, you own him. You own the results, and you own the fallout. Flake could easily to sit on the sidelines and just shut up, but instead he’s backing a politician who is telling him to his face he’s going to be the most progressive president in history. Meanwhile, he’s hocking books and desperately trying to make himself relevant. In the end, he’ll be dropped by the Democrats the moment he isn’t useful anymore. I hope he enjoys getting played because that’s exactly what’s happening.

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